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21-Day Overcoming Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s Challenge Starts on November 2nd!

If you have Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and if you want to do more than just manage your thyroid symptoms, then you might be interested in joining our 21-Day Overcoming Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s Challenge (starts November 2nd!):

The 21-day challenge will include the following…

Component #1: Daily Overcoming Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s Video Lesson

During this daily 20-30 minute recorded lesson I will focus on a different topic that is essential to overcoming your autoimmune thyroid condition. There will be one lesson every day for 21 consecutive days (although a few lessons include multiple videos). If you’re interested in the specific topics that will be presented please check out the video where I discuss the 21-day challenge calendar (the website link is below).

Component #2: Daily 30-45 minute live group coaching session

The live group coaching calls will take place on Zoom, which is very easy to use on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. And if you are unable to attend live you’ll have the opportunity to email your questions during the separate Q & A sessions (discussed below). For those who choose to join live, the way it works is that I’ll send you a link to join the call, and if you are using a mobile phone or tablet you’ll need to install the free app. I will record every coaching session and post the recordings in a private membership area for those who are unable to attend live. As for the time of the coaching sessions, I will rotate them to accommodate those in different time zones. Most of the live calls will take place either 1pm or 8:30pm Eastern time (New York time zone).

Component #3: Recording of each coaching call for those who are unable to attend live

I hope most people will be able to attend at least 2 or 3 live sessions per week, although I’ll add that with my last two challenges there were participants who didn’t attend the live calls, but simply watched the recordings and emailed their questions for me to answer during the Q and A sessions (discussed below).

Component #4: Daily priority action step

I want people to take action, but I want the action steps to be attainable, which is why there will be a single priority action step each day, although at times there will be one or two additional action steps that aren’t as urgent.

Component #5: Access to a private members-only group

We want you to build relationships with one another and enjoy this challenge together. One way we accomplished this in previous challenges was through the live coaching calls, but another way was through the private members-only communities we had. Since not everyone wants to be on Facebook we initially hosted the group on a platform called Kajabi, and while we did have a lot of people participate, we realized that there are some limitations to Kajabi. So for second challenge I had two private members-only groups…one in Kajabi, and one in Facebook, and it worked out well. And so you can join either one of these groups, or both if you’d like! In our last challenge we had in June approximately 100 people joined the Facebook group and around 25 people joined the Kajabi group. I’ll pop into these groups every now and then, but I plan on having my nutritional health coaches moderate the groups.

Component #6: Weekly 90 minute live Q & A session

Although I’ll be answering some questions during the daily coaching calls, these will be around 45 minutes, and I will focus on answering live questions. But there will also be three separate live Q & A sessions (one per week) during the 21-day challenge. These will be at least 90 minutes long, although with both of my longer challenges I exceeded two hours with each of the Q & A sessions, as my goal is to answer ALL questions! I’ll once again rotate the day and times to accommodate those in different time zones, and so they will either be at 12pm, 1pm ET or 8pm ET. However, unlike the daily coaching calls, if you are unable to attend any of the Q & A sessions live you can email your questions ahead of time.

You Get All of This For A Single Payment of $49

If you watch the video on top of the registration page (the link is below) you’ll see dozens of people rave about my challenges, and I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone easily got back their investment.  I do want to mention that this past summer I had a 5-day challenge, but the testimonials on the website are from participants of my two longer challenges.

Optional Upgrade: 45-minute one-on-one diet and lifestyle call with a certified nutritional health coach

Both of my nutritional health coaches are excellent, and I thought it was important to include an option for affordable one-on-one support with all of the stress everyone is dealing with, although I’m confident the daily group coaching calls will also help with this. You have the option of doing this over the phone or through Skype/Zoom. If you listen to some of the video testimonials from members of the past challenges you’ll hear some rave reviews about the diet and lifestyle call! And so if it’s in your budget I’d highly recommend taking advantage of it for the discounted rate of $50. But if not you still will receive a ton of value from the rest of the challenge.

For more information on the 21-day challenge visit the link below:

www.ThyroidHealthChallenge.com/Enroll2020 [1]