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These 5 Factors Of Health Can Affect Your Recovery

Many people with Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis don’t really have a good understanding as to what health really is.  For example, some people with autoimmune thyroid disorders think that in order to restore their health back to normal, all they need to do is visit their local health food store and take some nutritional supplements.  This of course isn’t specific to people with Graves’ and Hashimoto’s, as many others with different conditions think that taking one or more types of nutritional supplements and/or herbal remedies can “cure” their condition.

The truth is, when it comes to restoring the health of someone with Graves’ Disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, there are five primary factors that are essential to their recovery:

Factor # 1: The Right Attitude. While having a positive attitude by itself won’t restore your health back to normal, a good attitude is an important component of the recovery process.  While it is normal to be skeptical when you have dealt with your condition for many months or years, the odds of restoring the natural function of your thyroid gland will be much greater if you have a positive attitude.

Factor # 2: Proper Nutrition. Once again, proper nutrition isn’t just about consuming supplements and herbal remedies.  Ideally we should obtain all of the necessary nutrients from what we eat, but since most people don’t eat well on a consistent basis, it is usually necessary for people with autoimmune thyroid disorders to incorporate nutritional supplements into a natural program.  Any competent natural doctor will also do their best to encourage a person with Graves’ Disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to eat healthier.

Factor # 3: Getting Ample Sleep. Out of the millions of people who suffer with autoimmune thyroid disorders, many don’t get enough sleep.  Sometimes this isn’t completely under their control, as they might try to get at least eight hours sleep per night, but might have difficulty falling to sleep and/or wake up during the night without being able to fall back to sleep.  Others have no problem falling asleep and can sleep through the night, but still don’t get what’s considered “quality” sleep each night.  Often times the adrenals will play a huge role in causing sleeping difficulties, which is why a competent natural doctor will evaluate the adrenal glands before they administer any treatment.

Factor # 4: Regular Exercise. While exercise is another important factor when it comes to one’s health, one problem is that some people don’t have the energy to exercise.  This is especially true for many people with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, although it holds true for some people with Graves’ Disease as well.  If you have the energy to walk for at least 20 minutes each day while in the beginning phases of your natural treatment program, then that’s great.  If not, then you might need to wait until the treatment methods begin to take effect before you can begin exercising.

Factor # 5: Managing Stress. Stress is a huge factor in people with autoimmune thyroid disorders.  In fact, stress can be a contributing factor, or in some cases can even cause these conditions.  I personally believe that stress was a big factor with regards to my condition, as I considered myself to be in good health, and was shocked when I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease.  But at the time I was diagnosed I did have a good amount of stress, and had been dealing with a lot of stress for awhile before becoming symptomatic.  And while I exercised regularly, slept well, tried to keep a positive attitude, and ate a somewhat healthy diet, I must admit that I didn’t do a great job when it came to managing stress.

So these are some of the main factors when it comes to restoring one’s health.  I expand upon these factors in my free guide, and will also discuss them more in future blog posts, as well as provide other valuable information about natural endocrine health.