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Back To The Basics Of Natural Thyroid Health

Whenever I recommend a natural thyroid treatment protocol to a patient and they don’t receive optimal results, there can be numerous reasons for this, but the main reason is usually due to the patient not completely following my recommendations. Sometimes it’s because they don’t take the nutritional supplements and/or herbs I recommend, while other times due to financial reasons they can’t afford to receive the necessary testing to determine what is wrong with them.

However, the number one reason why people don’t receive optimal results when I put them on a natural thyroid treatment protocol is because they don’t follow the basics. In other words, they neglect the factors of health that I have discussed many times previously. While some people don’t take the supplements and herbs I recommend due to money issues, many people do take them, because it is an easy process. Even though it might be a little challenging in the beginning to remember which supplements to take at what time, as well as the dosage, this can easily be solved by writing it down.

On the other hand, changing one’s lifestyle is not as easy as taking supplements. As you might guess, the biggest challenge is modifying one’s diet. Because of this I don’t try pressuring anyone to make dramatic changes immediately. Being someone who grew up eating junk food and drinking punch and sodas on a daily basis, I understand how difficult it is to make such a transition. As a result, some people do need to slowly make changes. But sooner or later there will come a point where they will need to be eating well, and go at least 21 days without eating any junk food.

Just Remember That Cheaters Never Win

Some people try to cheat, and figure that eating some junk food once in awhile isn’t a big deal. Once restoring your health to normal this might be true, as I do eat some junk food occasionally (pizza, cookies, etc.). But during the first month of following the natural treatment protocol, I did not cheat at all. And those who want to receive optimal results also need to stick to a strict diet.

Just to clarify, I don’t expect anyone to eat a perfect diet for the rest of their life.  However, when a patient of mine begins a natural treatment protocol I do expect them to avoid any foods that may prevent them from healing. It’s obviously not an easy process, which is why some people need to take this slowly. But this once again proves that just taking nutritional supplements and herbs isn’t enough to fully restore one’s health back to normal.

In addition to eating well during the initial stages of a natural treatment protocol, one of course also needs to follow the other factors of health as well. So for example, someone who has a lot of stress in their life and does a poor job of managing it can eat a perfect diet, take all of the recommended nutritional supplements and herbs, and still not respond well. The same concept applies with obtaining sufficient sleep each night, although I realize that for some people it might take time before they can obtain quality sleep on a regular basis.

In summary, whenever someone with a thyroid condition follows a natural thyroid treatment protocol and just doesn’t seem to be responding well to the treatments, I always go back to the basics and make sure they are following the factors of health. If you are thinking about beginning a natural treatment protocol, this is important to understand, as if you’re not at the point where you’re disciplined enough to follow these recommendations, then you might be better off waiting until you are ready. And then once you are ready to take responsibility for your health you can begin the road to recovery.