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Can Poor Dental Hygiene Lead To A Thyroid Condition?

Since I started this website, I have spoken about many different topics which can possibly lead to the development of a thyroid condition.  But poor dental hygiene?  This is going a little bit overboard, right?  Well, I admittedly never thought that poor dental hygiene can affect thyroid health, but after reading a section in Dr. James Wilson’s awesome book “Adrenal Fatigue”, it made me realize that even poor dental hygiene can in fact lead to a thyroid condition.

In his book, Dr. Wilson claims that “unresolved dental problems are common but often unrecognized sources of stress and adrenal fatigue”.  He also mentions how mercury amalgams are “a toxin to the adrenal glands”.  So while such problems might not directly impact the thyroid gland, if you’ve read some of my previous posts and articles, I frequently talk about how the underlying cause of many thyroid conditions are weak adrenal glands.  I also have mentioned that if weakened adrenal glands aren’t addressed, then natural thyroid treatment methods won’t be effective.

So while I think it can be argued that poor dental hygiene and mercury amalgams are not the primary cause of most adrenal problems, it does remind us that we need to take our total health into consideration.  I frequently talk about the different factors of health, including eating well, obtaining sufficient sleep, exercising regulary, doing a good job of managing stress, minimizing your exposure to environmental toxins, etc.  But even if someone does a great job of taking care of their health in these areas, but neglects their dental health, then it is possible that this can lead to health issues, including thyroid disorders.

Even before I read Dr. Wilson’s book, I had read other sources which spoke about the dangers of mercury amalgams.  Research done by Dr. Weston Prices shows that there are risks involving root canals and other studies show that there are risks with getting dental extractions as well.  I’m not suggesting that you should never receive a root canal or tooth extraction, but once again, the goal is to make you more aware of your overall health, and show you how these issues might lead to the development of certain conditions.

If you want some proof of how dental problems can lead to certain conditions, Dr. Wilson actually gives some examples in his book.  One example involved a man who had brain fog, low energy, and memory problems, but according to Dr. Wilson, “after having his cracked teeth removed, gum disease treated, and his silver fillings removed, his foggy thinking cleared, his memory improved, and his energy was back to what it had been 20 years ago”. 

He also gave another example involving a woman who was in her mid 40’s and had suffered from adrenal fatigue and migraines for 20 years.  But after an infection at the site of a tooth extraction she had many years earlier was addressed,  both her adrenal fatigue and migraines disappeared.  So these are just two examples of how resolving dental issues can improve your overall health.

By the way, if you haven’t yet read Dr. Wilson’s Book “Adrenal Fatigue”, you really should, as it provides a lot of great information that can help restore your thyroid health back to normal.  Just as he talks about poor dental hygiene and mercury amalgams and how these issues can lead to adrenal problems, he also talks about many other conditions which can lead to weakened adrenal glands, which in turn can cause or contribute to a thyroid condition.  So get yourself a copy and I promise you’ll learn a ton of great information.