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Graves’ Disease vs. Hashimoto’s Triggers

The last month or two I have been talking a lot about my new book “Hashimoto’s Triggers”, which was released a few days ago.  During this time I’ve had a few people with Graves’ disease ask about “Graves’ Disease Triggers”.  The truth is that while managing the symptoms of Graves’ disease is dramatically different when compared to Hashimoto’s, the process of finding and detecting the autoimmune triggers is the same with both conditions.  And many of the same triggers that are found in Hashimoto’s are also found in Graves’ disease, although some triggers are more common in Graves’ disease, and vice versa.

For example, although I discuss H. Pylori in my book as a potential trigger of Hashimoto’s, this is a more common trigger in those with Graves’ disease.  Similarly, the research shows a higher correlation between stress and the development of Graves’ disease.  On the other hand, the parasite Blastocystis hominis seems to be a more common trigger in those with Hashimoto’s.

Some people with Graves’ disease have asked if they should read my Hashimoto’s Triggers book, or if it’s best to read the book I wrote on hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease?  The honest answer is “both”, and here is the reason.  The book on hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease focuses on hyperthyroid conditions, and so it of course makes sense for anyone with Graves’ disease or a non-autoimmune hyperthyroid condition to read this book.  However, there is a lot of updated information in my Hashimoto’s Triggers book that isn’t in my other book.  And while some of the information is specific to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a lot of the information will be useful for those with Graves’ disease, as well as those with other autoimmune conditions.

For those wondering when I plan on releasing a new book on Graves’ disease, all I can say is that this is something that will happen in the near future.  It almost definitely won’t be this year since I haven’t started writing it, but I wouldn’t rule out a new Graves’ disease book in 2019.  Of course originally I was hoping to release my book on Hashimoto’s a few years ago, and so I’m sure you can understand that I can’t put a firm date on the book at this point.  But in the meantime I would not only check out my book on hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease, but I would also seriously consider reading my new book on Hashimoto’s Triggers…especially since the electronic version is steeply discounted and I’m also offering 3 special bonus gifts.  You can check out this special offer by clicking here [1].