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What’s Your Experience With Dairy?

Last month I wrote a blog post entitled “What’s Your Experience With Gluten? [1]”  Not surprisingly, many of the comments received were from people who felt better upon eliminating gluten from their diet.  While not everyone who gives up gluten notices an improvement in their symptoms or labs, many people do.  And the same is true with dairy, although I will say that in general people seem to be more resistant to give up dairy.  And while having pasteurized and homogenized milk might not be healthy for you, other forms of dairy do have health benefits.

For example, many people do well when consuming raw dairy.  Others do fine eating fermented forms of dairy, such as kefir.  And many people do well when eating grass fed butter and ghee.  But if someone is following a strict autoimmune paleo diet, or even a standard paleo diet, then all forms of dairy should be excluded.

Anyway, I’d like for you to share your experience with dairy.  You can talk about milk, cheese, butter, ghee, etc.  You can talk about pasteurized dairy, raw dairy, and fermented dairy.  If you have been dairy free for awhile and feel like it has benefited your health please let me know!  And if you consume dairy regularly and are doing well please let me know!  Thank you in advance for participating!