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What’s Your Experience With Food Sensitivity Testing?

Last week I wrote a blog post entitled “The Elimination Diet vs. Food Sensitivity Testing [1]“.  In this post I spoke about both the pros and cons of an elimination diet and food sensitivity testing.  I’m personally more in favor of an elimination diet, although there are times when I will recommend food sensitivity testing to my patients.  For those reading this who have done food sensitivity testing, I’d like to get your feedback.

If you have had any type of food sensitivity testing done, whether it was an IgG food sensitivity test, an ALCAT, MRT, or another method, did you agree with the findings?  Of course this is assuming you had some foods that you tested positive for.  Although I realize that you can’t always go by symptoms, many times you can, and so I’m curious to know if you had a negative reaction to any foods you tested positive for.  In other words, did the results of your food sensitivity testing make sense, or were they not what you expected?

And for those who have done food sensitivity testing AND have also followed an elimination diet, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are as well.  Did you find an elimination diet or food sensitivity testing to be more helpful in identifying potential food triggers?  Or did you find neither of these methods to be helpful?  Please share your experience in the comments section below.  Thank you!