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3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Thyroid Surgery

If you have a thyroid condition and are considering thyroid surgery, I’m about to discuss three reasons why you might want to consider avoiding this procedure.  Of course some people really do need to have their thyroid gland surgically removed.  For example, some types of thyroid cancer do require partial or complete removal of the thyroid gland.  And certain thyroid nodules that put pressure on structures in the neck might need to be surgically removed. 

I personally can’t tell anyone not to receive thyroid surgery when it was recommended to them by their endocrinologist or another type of medical doctor.  All I can do is make them aware of other options they may have, depending on their individual condition, and then let them make an informed decision.

Anyway, here are the three reasons why you might want to consider avoiding thyroid surgery:

Reason #1: It might not cure the cause of your thyroid condition.  Remember that in many thyroid conditions, the malfunctioning thyroid gland isn’t the cause of the disorder.  For example, someone with a hyperthyroid condition might have extreme symptoms, and typically there are three options they are given: 1) anti-thyroid drugs, 2) radioactive iodine, and 3) thyroid surgery.  Fortunately, surgery of the thyroid gland isn’t commonly recommended for people with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease.  But there are some people who do end up getting their thyroid gland removed when they might have been helped through a natural treatment protocol.

Thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules are two other circumstances where a medical doctor might recommend thyroid gland surgery.  I’m not going to dive deep into a discussion about whether someone with thyroid gland cancer should receive surgery, but I will say that not every case of thyroid cancer needs to result in a thyroidectomy.  So if I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I’m not suggesting that I would not receive thyroid surgery if it was recommended.  But even with cancer, I’m a firm believer that getting to the root cause of this disease means there is a possibility of curing it.  So once again, while I might end up choosing to receive thyroid surgery if I ever was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I’m pretty sure I would first try to determine if there was any way I could cure the condition first.

Thyroid nodules are another reason why some people end up receiving thyroid surgery.  Once again, there are cases when people with thyroid nodules do need to have surgery performed, such as if the nodule is cancerous, or if it is pressing on certain structures in the neck.  But there are also many cases where a benign thyroid nodule doesn’t need to be surgically removed.  This is especially true if the person isn’t symptomatic.  But even if they are experiencing thyroid symptoms, a natural thyroid treatment protocol might correct this problem, making thyroid surgery unnecessary.

Reason #2: There are risks involved.  While some people are convinced that thyroid gland surgery will be the solution to their problem, whatever that may be, there are risks involved with any type of surgery, including surgery of the thyroid gland.  First of all, someone who has their thyroid gland completely removed will become hypothyroid for the rest of their life.  Obviously if they have a malignant form of thyroid cancer then thyroid surgery might be the only option.  However, assuming the person does not have a malignancy in their thyroid gland, then one really does need to realize the potential consequences of having their thyroid gland removed.

In addition to the possibility of permanently becoming hypothyroid, the surgical procedure can sometimes create other problems.  Thyroid surgery can cause damage to the laryngeal nerve, as well as the parathyroid glands.  And if you do some of your own research, you’ll see that complications from thyroid surgery aren’t too uncommon. 

Due to these risks, thyroid surgery should usually be a last resort, after every other option has failed.  So yes, I admit that there are situations when surgery might need to be the first and only option, such as a life-threatening condition where if the thyroid gland isn’t removed quickly, the person might die.  Fortunately, this situation isn’t too common, and so most people with thyroid conditions will have the opportunity to look into other treatment options before choosing thyroid surgery.

Reason # 3: Natural thyroid treatment methods might restore your health back to normal.  Depending on your condition, a natural thyroid treatment protocol can potentially restore the function of your thyroid gland back to normal, thus allowing you to avoid thyroid surgery, as well as other conventional treatment methods that only manage the symptoms.  The reason why natural treatment methods work so well is because they try to cure the cause of the thyroid condition, which as mentioned earlier, usually isn’t the malfunctioning thyroid gland itself.

So what does a natural thyroid treatment protocol consist of?  Well, it almost definitely will involve modifying some of the lifestyle factors, such as what you eat, how much sleep you get each night, how well you manage the stress in your life, etc.  To some people this may sound easy enough that they will attempt to self-treat their condition by eating well and taking nutritional supplements.  While eating well and taking supplements definitely can help, this usually isn’t enough to restore one’s health back to normal. 

As a result, it’s a good idea to consult with a natural endocrine doctor, who will fully evaluate your condition, and determine whether or not you are a good candidate for a natural thyroid treatment protocol.  Obviously no doctor can guarantee that you will be able to avoid surgery, but with all of the potential risks involved with thyroid surgery, it is worth giving natural treatment methods a try.  Numerous people with thyroid conditions who were told they would need to receive thyroid surgery have avoided this procedure after following a natural thyroid treatment protocol. 

So don’t automatically rule out natural treatment methods just because you were told that surgery was the only option.  And even if you decide that natural treatment methods aren’t for you, it’s still a good idea to receive a second opinion from a different endocrinologist or medical doctor before you receive thyroid surgery.  This way, if you do receive the surgery you will hopefully have no regrets about your choice.

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