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Can Natural Thyroid Treatments Help Children With Thyroid Conditions?

Although most of the content on this website is catered towards adults, many children suffer from thyroid conditions as well.  And while I definitely recommend that any child who is suspected of having a thyroid condition be seen by an endocrinologist, preferably one that deals with pediatric disorders, many of these children can benefit from following a natural thyroid treatment protocol.

As you might have guessed, typically it’s not the same protocol that an adult will follow, as while there might be changes in the child’s lifestyle factors, they usually aren’t nearly as extreme.  Of course this does depend on the individual’s symptoms, age, as well as other factors. In addition, a child might require different supplements and/or herbs, as well as different dosages.

Genetics vs. Lifestyle Factors

While lifestyle factors are the primary reason why adults develop thyroid conditions, lifestyle factors aren’t as prominent of a cause when it comes to children.  Don’t get me wrong, as many children also develop thyroid conditions due to lifestyle factors, but genetics also play a role, especially in young children.  Now to be completely honest, it’s difficult to confirm whether a child’s thyroid condition is due to genetics or lifestyle factors. 

One can easily make the assumption that a very young child with a thyroid disorder hasn’t had enough time to develop such a condition by neglecting lifestyle factors.  And if this child were to have relatives who also had thyroid conditions, then it seems easy enough to come to the conclusion that their condition would be due to hereditary factors.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always this simple to come to such a conclusion.

And what if one was able to confirm that a child’s thyroid condition was caused by hereditary factors, and not by lifestyle factors?  Does this mean they should just be given thyroid medication for the rest of their life, and be ruled out as a candidate for natural thyroid treatment methods?  All I can say is that if it were one of my daughters that had a thyroid disorder, even if it seemed as if genetics caused the development of their condition, I still would personally put them on a natural thyroid treatment protocol.  This doesn’t mean I would be opposed to them taking any thyroid medication, as it really would depend on their individual condition and symptoms.  But either way, I would put them on a natural thyroid treatment protocol, as I feel there would be nothing to lose by doing this, but on the other hand there would be the possibility of them restoring their health back to normal. 

How Can Lifestyle Factors Cause Thyroid Conditions In Children?

You might wonder how lifestyle factors can lead to the development of a thyroid condition in children.  Well, when talking about really young children (less than three to five years old), then quite frankly it’s not easy to explain.  No matter what the age of the child though, one of the first places I would begin is with their diet.  These days many young children are fed poor diets, as it’s not uncommon to see one or two year olds drinking soda, eating French fries, candy, and other junk foods on a daily basis.  Let’s not forget that children are still developing, and frequently their bodies can’t handle all of the garbage that’s being put into their body.

As for really young children, once again this becomes more challenging to explain.  This is especially true if they were breastfed for one or two years, ate a healthy diet with minimal junk food, etc.  On the other hand, a young child who was never breastfed, doesn’t eat healthy, consumes a lot of sugar in the form of sodas or juices, candy, cereal, and other unhealthy foods, can definitely develop adrenal issues, which can lead to problems such as weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and numerous other conditions.

But why don’t all children with poor diets develop thyroid conditions?  This same question can be aimed at adults, and of course doesn’t pertain to only thyroid conditions.  For example, take the example of a 35-year old who eats well, exercises regularly, and doesn’t have any of the so-called risk factors for heart disease, yet dies of a heart attack.  Then compare this to a 60-year old who is in poor health, eats junk food all of the time, is overweight, has high blood pressure, etc., yet is still alive.  Why did the healthy 35-year old die while the unhealthy 60-year old lived?  It’s the answer nobody wants to hear, which is that everybody’s body responds differently, and as a result has different levels of tolerance. 

In other words, there is no good answer, but the fact is that more and more children these days are developing adrenal problems due to poor eating habits.  But this doesn’t mean that other lifestyle factors shouldn’t be considered as well, as some children don’t receive sufficient sleep, and some also have to deal with chronic stress as well. 

The Role Of Environmental Toxins

One of the biggest factors to be considered in the development of many childhood conditions is the exposure to thousands of different environmental toxins.  Let’s not forget that a child’s body is still developing, and while many adults develop conditions due to exposure to environmental toxins, just think about the impact of these toxins on a young child.  And while there is no way to completely eliminate your child’s exposure to environmental toxins, most people can do a much better job of minimizing their exposure to these toxins.

The first thing I would do is to create a list of everything you regularly purchase, including all of the foods and household products (cosmetics, soaps, cleaners, etc.).  The next step is to try to replace as many of the foods with organic foods, or at the very least buy foods that don’t contain artificial ingredients, pesticides, xenohormones, etc.  As for the household products, you also want to avoid purchasing products with harsh chemicals that can be toxic to your child’s health (not to mention your health as well).  Sure, doing so will be more expensive, but it can do wonders for your health.

What Else Should You Do If Your Child Has A Thyroid Condition?

Besides following the advice I have given so far, I also recommend that you consult with a natural endocrine doctor about your child.  Once again, I do think your child first needs to be evaluated by an endocrinologist.  And while some children with thyroid conditions might need to take medication for the rest of their lives, many will respond to a natural thyroid treatment protocol.  While it’s sad that many adults with thyroid conditions take prescription drugs when they can be cured through a natural thyroid treatment protocol, it’s even sadder to me when a child who can potentially be helped is given these drugs to take on a permanent basis.  While not every child with a thyroid condition will respond to a natural thyroid treatment protocol, in my opinion it’s definitely worth a try if it could mean the possibility of avoiding prescription drugs for as long as they live.

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