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How Many Nutritional Supplements Are Required To Restore Thyroid Health?

Just about everyone who follows a natural treatment protocol in an attempt to restore their thyroid health back to normal will need to take nutritional supplements and/or herbs.  As I’ve mentioned in past articles, taking supplements and herbs alone isn’t enough to accomplish this, but they do play an important role in correcting nutritional deficiencies, as well as giving additional support to the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, digestive system, and immune system.

Many people who are interested in following a natural thyroid treatment protocol realize they will need to take certain supplements and/or herbs to help with their recovery.  But most people want to know how many supplements and/or herbs they will need to take when following such a protocol.  Of course there is no way of predicting exactly how many supplements and/or herbs a person will need to take without evaluating them first.

Different Supplements Are Required To Address Different Areas Of The Body

However, one does need to realize that there is no all-in-one supplement that will help restore a person’s health back to normal.  This is why I would strongly advise avoiding any thyroid support formulas or boosters on the market, as while they might claim to cure thyroid conditions, most of these products don’t even do a good job of managing the symptoms.  Just remember that it’s not just the thyroid gland itself being affected.  As a result, different supplements are needed to address different areas of the body.  And any company which has a thyroid support supplement which claims to do everything is not being honest with you.

It takes a combination of different supplements to help restore someone’s health when dealing with any thyroid or autoimmune thyroid disorder.  Different supplements will be required to correct any nutritional or mineral deficiencies, as well as to address different areas of the body.  For example, someone who has low cortisol levels might be able to strengthen their adrenal glands by modifying certain lifestyle factors, but if the problem is severe then they might require additional adrenal support in the form of certain supplements or herbs.  On the other hand, if the cortisol levels are high, then there are other supplements they will need to take in order to address this.

For someone with an autoimmune thyroid condition, such as Graves’ Disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, immune system support can be helpful.  As a result, certain supplements or herbs can help to address the immune system component, which of course can lead to a faster recovery.  The same concept applies with digestive disorders, as while eating and drinking well is important, taking certain supplements and/or herbs can help, such as digestive enzymes.  So a person with an autoimmune thyroid condition might need to take some supplements to address certain nutritional deficiencies, others to help with the immune system and adrenal glands, perhaps one or more supplements for digestive support, etc.

Weaning Off Nutritional Supplements & Herbs

Once someone begins a natural treatment protocol and is taking certain supplements and herbs, how long do they need to continue taking them?  Once again, this depends on the individual, but the goal isn’t to keep anyone on these herbs and supplements on a permanent basis.  In fact, the ultimate goal is to wean them off of the supplements and herbs.  After restoring their health back to normal, for most people it is a good idea to continue taking some supplements on a continuous basis as part of a maintenance program.  While eating a diet consisting mostly of whole foods will help someone to get many of the vitamins and nutrients they need, most people still won’t get everything they need through their diet.

In summary, how many supplements a person needs to take will of course vary depending on numerous factors.  This includes the person’s symptoms, test results, and other factors.  Either way, most people will need to take multiple supplements and/or herbs to address different nutritional deficiencies, as well as different areas of the body.  And as the person begins responding to the natural treatment protocol they can then eventually begin weaning off the supplements and herbs they’re taking, and perhaps just take a few supplements on a daily basis to help maintain their health.