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Ovarian Cysts and Natural Treatment Methods

Many women have or had ovarian cysts.  My wife was one of them, as when she was in her early twenties she dealt with ovarian cysts.  The “solution” for this problem that was given by her medical doctor was to take birth control pills.  Sometimes surgery will be recommended to others.  The problem is that neither of these conventional medical treatment methods correct the root cause of the problem.  As a result, women who receive surgery are likely to develop other ovarian cysts in the future.  And the same thing applies to those who stop taking “The Pill”, as the cysts are likely to return.

Just as is the case with any other condition, the obvious goal should be to get to the underlying cause of the condition.  This way the current problem will be resolved, and the woman hopefully won’t have to worry about developing other cysts in the future.  Obviously it’s easier said than done, as it can be challenging to correct this problem.  However, most of the time ovarian cysts are the result of an underlying hormone imbalance.  And once the hormone imbalance is corrected, the ovarian cyst problem should be resolved as well.

Two Reasons Why Most MDs Can’t Cure Ovarian Cyst Problems

If ovarian cyst problems can frequently be cured, then why do most medical doctors resort to giving women oral contraceptives or performing surgery?  Of course it comes down to their training in medical school, which in turn leads to the following two reasons why seeing a medical doctor usually won’t resolve the problem:

Reason #1: Most medical doctors don’t do the appropriate testing to determine the underlying cause of the condition. With the exception of certain holistic medical doctors, just about every other type of medical doctor won’t test to see if the woman has a hormone imbalance which is causing this problem.  And when they do test, they usually do one-sample testing, which is inadequate in cycling women.  Since the hormones are always fluctuating, it’s best to do a cycling female hormone panel, which requires the woman to collect multiple saliva samples throughout her cycle.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I use the company Diagnos-Techs when it comes to hormone testing for my patients.

Reason #2: Even if they do any testing, most medical doctors don’t know how to correct a hormone imbalance. While most medical doctors don’t do the appropriate testing, those that do don’t know how to correct this problem.  So they usually will still end up giving the woman oral contraceptives.  Taking “The Pill” probably will help prevent the formation of ovarian cysts, but as I’ve mentioned in previous posts and articles, this will suppress the endocrine system, which will lead to other health issues in the future.

How To Cure Your Ovarian Cyst Problem…Without Taking Oral Contraceptives

For those women looking for a permanent solution to their ovarian cyst problem, the best bet is to consult with a holistic doctor who has experience dealing with hormonal imbalances.  Of course it’s important to speak with someone who actually corrects such imbalances, and doesn’t just give bioidentical hormones for every hormone problem, which many holistic doctors will do.  This again might serve as a temporary fix, but won’t get to the underlying cause of the condition.  This is especially true when it comes to cycling women, as most don’t need to take natural hormones (although there are exceptions at times).

Depending on what type of hormone problems you may have, there are different protocols which can correct this problem.  Just like many other conditions, ovarian cysts are frequently caused by Estrogen Dominance, which is an imbalance in the hormones estrogen and progesterone.  Once again, a one-sample test usually isn’t sufficient to detect Estrogen Dominance in cycling women.  So the first key is to see a doctor who can accurately find out if you have this condition.  Then the next step is to make sure they do more than just “mask” the problem with oral contraceptives or bioidentical hormones.

In summary, ovarian cysts can usually be cured naturally.  But just as is the case with any other condition, the key is consulting with the correct doctor.  While many holistic doctors know how to correct such a problem, most medical doctors will just recommend oral contraceptives or surgery to address the problem.  However, you do need to be careful, as some holistic doctors will also try to manage the symptoms by giving bioidentical hormones, which are usually not required for cycling women.  Self-treating yourself of course is an option, but comes with its own set of risks.  So if you or someone you know has a problem with ovarian cysts, consult with a holistic doctor who does more than just manage the symptoms, but instead tries to get to the root cause of the problem.