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Overcoming Fertility Problems When Having A Thyroid Condition

Many women with thyroid conditions have problems getting pregnant.  Some of these women will go on to spend thousands of dollars on fertility specialists, with no results.  I am not a fertility expert, and my goal here is not to convince you that I am one.  However, if one has a basic knowledge of the female physiology then it will be easy to understand why many women are unable to become pregnant.  In fact, many women who have difficulty getting pregnant, even those without thyroid conditions, can save a lot of money simply by reading this article. 

While I’m not going to go into detail about the physiology of the female body during pregnancy, I do want to focus on one of the hormones that is essential to a women getting pregnant, and also for maintaining their pregnancy.  So if you know someone who is able to get pregnant, but has had one or more miscarriages, then once again, they very well might find this information to be helpful.

In any case, the main hormone that is critical to a woman becoming pregnant and maintaining her pregnancy is progesterone.  And as I’ve stated in the past, many women with thyroid conditions have a condition known as estrogen dominance, which involves an imbalance in the ratios of estrogen and progesterone.  And while sometimes this is due to an excess in estrogen, many times it is actually due to a deficiency in progesterone. 

Obtaining A Complete Female Hormone Panel Is A Good Idea

Even though progesterone is an essential hormone when it comes to getting pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy, one needs to remember that hormones interact with one another.  As a result, it would be foolish to just look at the progesterone levels alone without observing the other hormones.  So I definitely recommend that anyone who is looking to get pregnant, and/or has experienced one or more miscarriages, receive a complete female hormone panel.

In addition, it’s also a good idea to get your partner checked as well.  While many doctors will assume that the fertility issues are with the female, any good fertility doctor will also evaluate the male.  This is true even if the man has successfully impregnated a woman before.  The reason I bring this up is because there have been cases where a man was able to impregnate a different partner, and then years later when he was with a new partner, the woman was unable to become pregnant due to male infertility issues.  In most of these cases it’s assumed there is no problem with the male, but things can change over the course of many years, or sometimes even over a few months.

Which Natural Treatment Options Are Available To Help With Fertility Issues?

Assuming the fertility problem is due to a hormone imbalance, then there are a couple of different options you have.  With regards to treating the woman, once I’ve obtained a female hormone panel and confirmed that there is a hormone imbalance, I usually recommend a natural treatment protocol that consists of a change of diet, nutritional supplements and possibly herbs, and in many cases a purification program.  I of course will also recommend that they modify other lifestyle factors, such as to make sure they get quality sleep, try to exercise regularly, manage their stress levels, etc.  I also advise them to minimize their exposure to environmental toxins as well, and overall create an environment that is conducive to a healthy pregnancy. 

The benefit of taking this approach is not only that it will greatly improve the chances of the woman becoming pregnant and maintaining her pregnancy, but it will also improve her chances of having a healthy baby.  After all, many women have babies while they are in a poor state of health.  While they may look and feel healthy, frequently they will have multiple nutritional deficiencies, a buildup of toxins in their body, and other health issues that might not prevent them from becoming pregnant, but it can very well affect the health of their baby.  So even for those women who don’t have a fertility problem, it’s a good idea to follow a natural treatment protocol three to six months before trying to get pregnant, to provide an optimal environment for the baby.

If it’s the male that has the hormone imbalance and is the one with the fertility problem, then once I’ve confirmed this with a male hormone panel I will also recommend that they go on a natural treatment protocol as well.  Of course there will be variations in the protocol they follow, but it will also involve a change in their diet, nutritional supplementation, and possibly a purification program.  Either way, this process of overcoming fertility issues isn’t easy, but it frequently can save the couple a lot of money, and put both partners in an optimal state of health, which once again will greatly improve the chances of a successful conception, as well as a healthy baby being the final outcome.

Another option for women who have a progesterone deficiency is to give natural progesterone, which for many holistic doctors is the first treatment choice.  Although sometimes giving natural progesterone is necessary and in some cases I do recommend women to take small doses of it, in most cases a natural treatment protocol will actually raise the progesterone levels in cycling women, with the help of certain nutritional supplements and herbs.  So while I’m definitely not opposed to giving natural progesterone, in most cases I don’t find this to be necessary.

Don’t Try To Cure Your Own Fertility Problems

If you’re thinking about self-treating your fertility problems on your own, whether it’s through taking nutritional supplements and/or herbs from your local health food or nutrition store, or using natural progesterone, you might want to reconsider.  Chances are you will have very little success treating your fertility problem on your own, and you can run into some serious problems if you begin using herbs and/or natural progesterone.  If getting pregnant AND having a healthy baby is that important to you, and I’m guessing it is, then play it safe and see a natural endocrine doctor, or a different type of holistic doctor that focuses on fertility problems.

In summary, not all fertility problems can be cured through natural treatment methods, but many can, and as a result it is in my opinion definitely worth a try.  There are thousands of women who spend a lot of money on conventional fertility treatments, only to be left disappointed.  And even though this is definitely an option to consider, many couples that choose this option end up having unwanted multiple pregnancies, and some have problems throughout their pregnancies and sometimes with the health of their baby.  This isn’t necessarily due to the fertility treatments themselves, but usually because their body wasn’t in an optimal state of health to begin with.  So if you or anyone you know has fertility problems, consider giving natural treatment methods a try.

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