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FREE 5-Day Hyperthyroid Healing Diet Challenge

If you’re looking to overcome your hyperthyroid condition, whether it’s Graves’ disease, toxic multinodular goiter, or subacute thyroiditis, then you might be interested in joining our upcoming Free 5-Day Hyperthyroid Healing Diet Challenge!

During this 5-day challenge you will…

  • Learn what foods you should eat and avoid if you have Graves’ disease, toxic multinodular goiter, or a different hyperthyroid condition
  • ​Find out how to identify food triggers
  • ​Discover four concerns with the autoimmune Paleo diet
  • Learn what foods to eat if you’re a vegan or vegetarian
  • Find out how to uncover triggers other than food
  • And much, much more!!!

The Free 5-day challenge will include the following…

Component #1: Daily Hyperthyroid Healing Diet Video Lesson

During this daily 10-20 minute recorded lesson I will focus on a different topic that helps you use food to heal your hyperthyroid condition. There will be one pre-recorded lesson every day for 5 consecutive days, which means that you can access it at your convenience.

Component #2: Daily Hyperthyroid Healing Diet Assignment

I want people to take action, which is the whole point of any challenge.  And so each day there will be a daily assignment designed to help you use food to heal your hyperthyroid condition.

Component #3: Access to a private members-only group

We want you to build relationships with one another and enjoy this challenge together. Although you can still watch the daily video lessons, live calls, and attend the two Q & A sessions without joining the Facebook group, if you want to connect with others and be eligible for the prizes (discussed below) then you’ll want to join the Facebook group. I plan on having my nutritional health coaches moderate the groups, although I’ll also pop in every now and then.

Component #4: Two 90 minute live Q & A sessions

There will be two separate live Q & A sessions to answer your questions on healing your hyperthyroidism.  These will be 90 minutes each, and I’m having two in order to accommodate those in different time zones.

Component #5: Prizes for Participation!!!

There will be a daily prize for those who answer the daily question, and then at the end of the 5 days there will be a grand prize!!!

You Get All of This For FREE!!!

For more information on the Free 5-day Hyperthyroid Healing Diet challenge check out the link below:

www.HyperthyroidHealing.com [1]