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FREE 5-Day Hyperthyroid Symptom Relief Challenge

If you’re looking to safely manage your hyperthyroid symptoms (while addressing the underlying cause), then you might be interested in joining our upcoming Free 5-Day Hyperthyroid Symptom Relief Challenge!

During this 5-day challenge you will learn…

  • Both conventional and natural options to manage your hyperthyroid symptoms
  • ​Suggested dosing guidelines for the natural agents
  • ​Alternative options for those who don’t respond to the natural agents and are unable to take antithyroid medication
  • How reducing inflammation can play a role in symptom management
  • What to do for your hyperthyroid condition beyond symptom management
  • And much, much more!!!

The Free 5-day challenge will include the following…

Component #1: Daily Hyperthyroid Symptom Relief Video Lesson

During this daily 10-20 minute recorded lesson I will focus on a different topic that will help you safely manage your hyperthyroid symptoms…while doing things to address the underlying cause. There will be one pre-recorded lesson every day for 5 consecutive days, which means that you can access it at your convenience.

Component #2: Daily Hyperthyroid Symptom Relief Assignment

I want people to take action, which is the whole point of any challenge. And so each day there will be a daily assignment designed to help you safely manage your hyperthyroidism.

Component #3: Access to a private members-only group

We want you to build relationships with one another and enjoy this challenge together. Although you can still watch the daily video lessons and attend the two Q & A sessions without joining the Facebook group, if you want to connect with others and be eligible for the prizes (discussed below) then you’ll want to join the Facebook group. I plan on having my nutritional health coaches moderate the groups, although I’ll also pop in every now and then.

Component #4: Two 90 minute live Q & A sessions

There will be two separate live Q & A sessions conducted on Zoom and livestreamed into the Facebook group. These will be 90 minutes each, and I’m having two in order to accommodate those in different time zones.

Component #5: Prizes for Participation!!!

There will be a daily prize for those who answer the daily question, and then at the end of the 5 days there will be a grand prize!!!

You Get All of This For FREE!!!

For more information on the Free 5-day Hyperthyroid Healing Symptom Relief challenge click on the link below:

www.ThyroidChallenge2021.com [1]