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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The following represent some of the common questions people visiting this website have. Keep in mind that some questions which aren’t answered below can be found in Dr. Osansky’s free guide, which you can receive by entering your name and email address in the form on the right of this page. If you can’t find your answer in the questions below or in his guide, please feel free to email us your question at info@NaturalEndocrineSolutions.com [1].

How Can I Schedule A Consultation With Dr. Osansky?

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Osansky, please visit the Consultations Page [2]on this website for more information.

How Can I Find A Local Natural Healthcare Professional Who Can Help With My Condition?

If you have a thyroid or autoimmune thyroid condition and are looking for a local natural healthcare professional who focuses on endocrine disorders, Dr. Osansky provides some resources to help you find a natural doctor in his free guide, which you can get by simply entering your first name and email address on the right side of this page. If you have problems finding a local natural healthcare professional who focuses on thyroid conditions keep in mind that Dr. Osansky works with patients remotely over the phone and through Skype. As long as you’ve already been evaluated and received a physical exam by an endocrinologist or another type of medical doctor, just about everything else can be accomplished remotely.

How Will A Doctor Determine Whether Or Not I’m A Good Candidate For Natural Thyroid Treatment Methods?

Every natural healthcare professional evaluates their patients differently, but typically they will look over your health history, your lab results, etc. With Dr. Osansky’s program he requires anyone interested to complete a brief online application where he will ask you specific questions to help him determine if you would make a good candidate for a natural treatment approach, or if it would be best to consult with a different type of healthcare professional.

How Long Will It Take Before I Begin Seeing Results When On A Natural Thyroid Treatment Protocol?

This of course will vary depending on the individual, but most people start see positive changes within one or two months after beginning a natural treatment protocol, although for some people it does take longer than this. Besides seeing an improvement from a symptomatic standpoint, most people also begin seeing positive changes in their lab results within two to four months after beginning the protocol, and sometimes sooner than this. Keep in mind that this also varies from person to person, as for some people it does take longer than this to see improvements.

How Long Will It Take Until My Health Is Completely Restored To Normal?

First of all, it is not always possible to completely restore a person’s health back to normal when dealing with a thyroid or autoimmune thyroid condition. But even a partial restoration of one’s health is still beneficial. In my personal case it took a few weeks before my symptoms began improving, about three months until I noticed significant changes in my lab results, and about six months until my labs normalized. This doesn’t mean that I was stable at this point, as it took a few additional months for this to happen. And it’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different, and so depending on the severity of the condition it might be take longer. So this isn’t a quick process by any means, and anyone who is on a natural thyroid treatment protocol needs to be proactive and take responsibility for their health. Unfortunately there is no quick cure, but those who are committed to their health usually receive wonderful results.

Can’t I Just Treat My Condition On My Own?

While nobody can force you to consult with a natural healthcare professional, just keep in mind that many thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions can be very serious. Not only can treating yourself be risky, but the fact is that most people who try to save money by treating themselves don’t receive optimal results, and it usually ends up costing them more time and money over the long run. It takes more than reading books and gathering information on the internet to both safely and effectively treat most thyroid conditions through natural methods. This is especially true with autoimmune thyroid disorders such as Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Finding the autoimmune triggers can be a big challenge, and then removing the triggers and restoring the health of compromised areas (i.e. adrenals, a leaky gut, etc.) can also be difficult. So while you can treat your condition on your own, it is not recommended.

Isn’t It Dangerous To Treat Graves’ Disease And Other Hyperthyroid Conditions Naturally?

It could be, especially if you try treating it on your own or if you consult with a natural healthcare professional who doesn’t have a good deal of knowledge working with people who have hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease. In rare situations Graves’ Disease can be life threatening, and while some people want to avoid taking prescription drugs, there are times when taking medication is a good idea until the symptoms are under control. A competent natural healthcare professional will be able to give you the information you need so you can decide for yourself whether you should take the prescription drugs along with following the natural treatment protocol. Although some of my patients choose to manage the hyperthyroid symptoms naturally through herbs such as Bugleweed and Motherwort, others will take antithyroid medication such as Methimazole and/or beta blockers to help manage the symptoms while at the same time trying address the cause of their condition.

Will My Health Insurance Cover Natural Treatment Methods?

We personally don’t file health insurance, as we accepted and processed health insurance for 7 1/2 years and found it just wasn’t worth the hassle. Most health insurance companies do not provide coverage for the consultation or any nutritional supplements and/or herbs you may need to take. However, some companies do provide coverage for any additional testing you may need (i.e. thyroid blood tests, Adrenal Stress Index test, male or female hormone panel, etc.). What you need to keep in mind is that just because a doctor is a provider on your plan doesn’t mean the insurance company will provide coverage for natural endocrinology services. For example, a chiropractor who is on your plan will probably be covered for chiropractic services, but any diagnosis or CPT codes which pertain to nutrition or functional medicine probably won’t be accepted by the insurance company. If you have a good relationship with your medical doctor then they might be willing to order some of the recommended tests so that it will be covered by your insurance.

Will I Be Told To Stop Taking My Medication?

Most natural healthcare professionals who aren’t medical doctors aren’t legally allowed to tell you to stop taking your medication, even if they wanted to. All they can do is educate you, so that you can make an informed decision and make your own choices. Many patients who begin a natural treatment protocol decide they want to continue on the medication while trying to restore their health, while others decide they don’t want to take the prescription drugs and would like to just follow the natural treatment protocol. What’s important to understand is that it’s okay to begin a natural treatment protocol while taking thyroid medication, and some people need to stay on their medication initially when following such a protocol.