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Do You Have A Natural Attitude?

Only a small percentage of people with Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis will choose natural treatment methods.  Even though more people are giving natural treatment methods a try, most people with these conditions will take the advice of their endocrinologist or general practitioner.  What this of course means is that most people will choose to manage their symptoms for the rest of their lives, and not try to restore their health back to normal.

Obviously a big reason for this is skepticism.  There are other reasons, and I actually discussed some of the most common reasons why people don’t choose natural treatment methods in a previous post.  But while there are many reasons why people choose NOT to try natural treatment methods, here a few reasons why some people DO choose to follow a natural treatment protocol.

Reason #1: They Have A Natural Attitude. Even though most people follow the advice of their medical doctor, some people who become diagnosed with Graves’ Disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis have what I call a “natural attitude”.  In other words, these people know that most prescription drugs do nothing more than manage the symptoms, and while they might consider taking the medication, they will also look to see if there are natural solutions out there.  This of course doesn’t just pertain to autoimmune thyroid disorders, but pretty much any other condition.

Reason #2: They Were Referred By Someone Else. Many people who give natural treatment methods a try do so because they have a friend, family member, or co-worker who followed a natural treatment protocol.  When they speak with someone who went through a natural treatment protocol and realize how great the person looks and feels, many who don’t have a “natural attitude” will end up consulting with a natural endocrine doctor.  And upon experiencing the results of natural treatment methods, many will actually develop a “natural attitude”.

Reason #3: They Become Desperate. A number of people choose natural treatment methods because the thyroid medication doesn’t completely help manage their symptoms, or in some cases doesn’t help with their symptoms at all.  Other people have symptoms but negative lab results, and frequently under these circumstances their medical doctor won’t write a prescription, even if they are symptomatic.  As a result, many of these people will turn to natural treatment methods, and will often times become “hooked” once they begin experiencing the results.

Of these three categories of people, usually those with a natural attitude are the easiest to manage, as they  don’t have as much skepticism as the other two categories of people.  But on the other hand, I do enjoy helping people who were once skeptical, but after giving natural treatment methods a try realized that these protocols really do work, especially when under the guidance of an expert.  Many people who follow a natural treatment protocol actually wish they had tried it sooner, rather than managing their symptoms for many months and years.

So if you already have a natural attitude, then that’s great.  It probably won’t take too much convincing to get you to consult with a natural endocrine doctor.  If you don’t have a natural attitude (at least not yet!), that’s okay too, as the most important thing is to be both happy and comfortable with the choices you make, whatever they may be.

Just remember to keep an open mind, as while I’m obviously biased towards natural treatment methods, I do realize that there is a time and place for medical intervention.  And if you’re more “medically oriented” then there’s nothing wrong with this, but don’t immediately dismiss the possibilities of a natural treatment protocol restoring your health back to normal.  After all, many “skeptics” have come to realize how safe and effective they really can be.