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Proper Digestion Is Essential To Restoring Your Health

When it comes to restoring one’s health from a thyroid disorder through natural methods, one of the most important factors is how well you digest your food.  For those who have been reading my posts for awhile, you know that I focus a great deal on eating well and the importance of proper nutritional supplementation.  In fact, if you read any book that focuses on natural cures for a specific condition, chances are it will discuss in detail how you need to eat well, take quality nutritional supplements, etc.

However, eating quality foods and taking nutritional supplements won’t do you much good if you aren’t properly digesting what you consume.  Many people’s systems are so screwed up that their body does a poor job of digesting the food they eat and the supplements they take, which of course means they won’t benefit much from them.  This is yet another reason why someone who has been eating junk food for many years usually can’t get well simply by changing their diet and taking supplements.

The Dangers Of Acid-Stopping Medication

Millions of people take acid-stopping medication, which just further screws up their systems, and thus interferes with their ability to digest.  Let’s just think about this for a minute.  One needs a good amount of acid in their stomach to digest the foods they eat and the supplements they take.  So if you take drugs that reduce the production of acid then there is no way you can properly digest the food and supplements you ingest.

But how about if you experience a lot of stomach burning and/or acid reflux?  This is usually not due to an increase in the amount of acid, but rather the decrease in the lining of your stomach due to poor eating habits, increased stress, and other lifestyle factors.  So yes, taking these acid-stopping medications will once again help manage the symptoms, but they will do absolutely nothing for the cause.  And the long term side effects it can have on your digestive system and your entire body can be disastrous.  

It Takes Awhile To Fix Digestive Issues

As I just mentioned, beginning to eat well and taking quality supplements alone after years of eating junk food won’t be enough to fix a digestive problem.  However, it still is a good place to start, as without question people with digestive problems do need to eat better and most likely will need to take some quality nutritional supplements to help make up for any nutritional deficiencies.

In the beginning, a person with poor digestive problems might need to take natural supplements to help digest their food, as well as any other nutritional supplements they take.  But just like taking drugs, one shouldn’t have to rely on taking supplements forever for digestive purposes.

Many people can benefit from a purification program, which can do wonders in fixing digestive issues.  Of course this isn’t an easy process, and so for many patients I usually have them make small changes in the beginning before starting such a program.  And then when they’re ready they can begin a purification program to help restore their digestive function.

So hopefully you realize how important it is not only to eat healthy, but to actually digest what you eat.  Sure, this might sound like common sense to you, but obviously it isn’t something most people think about, or else millions of people wouldn’t be purchasing acid-stopping drugs. 

Does this mean I’m recommending that anyone who takes these drugs to immediately stop?  Not necessarily, as you’ll never see me advising anyone to stop taking any drug, whether it’s a prescription drug, or one that is over the counter, as this is only a decision that you and/or your medical doctor can make on your own.  My goal is just to educate you and provide you with the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.  And hopefully I have accomplished that with this post.