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Save My Thyroid Podcast Episodes 1-4 Now Available!

I’m thrilled to inform you that I have finally launched my podcast! It’s called “Save My Thyroid”, and as the name implies, the goal of the podcast is to help people save their thyroid from radioactive iodine and thyroid surgery.  I’ve been wanting to have a podcast for quite awhile, and actually planned on releasing it in 2020.  But when the pandemic hit I switched gears and decided to focus on live events, specifically online challenges, and I also spent more time on Facebook live giving support and answering questions related to thyroid-health.

Why Did I Decide To Put Together This Podcast?

Even though the podcast will focus on helping people with hyperthyroidism save their thyroid, some of the podcast episodes will benefit both people with hyperthyroidism/Graves’ disease and hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s.  But I decided to have a podcast that focuses on hyperthyroidism for a few reasons.  First of all, while there are multiple thyroid-related podcasts out there, I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any podcasts that focus on hyperthyroidism.  And so it’s an honor to be the first.

A second reason why I decided to have a podcast that focuses on hyperthyroidism is because overall there simply isn’t enough support or resources for people with hyperthyroid conditions.  There are many natural healthcare practitioners that work with hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s, but unfortunately there is a much smaller number of practitioners who work with patients who have hyperthyroidism.  There are also a lot more websites dedicated to helping people with hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s, as well as books.

A third reason why I decided to have a hyperthyroid-related podcast is because arguably, hyperthyroidism is more urgent of a condition that hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s.  And what I mean by this is that when someone has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and sees an endocrinologist, they are frequently told to take thyroid hormone replacement.  And while it’s frustrating that most medical doctors don’t do anything to address the cause of Hashimoto’s, with hyperthyroidism it’s even worse, as not only don’t they try to address the underlying cause of the condition, but many endocrinologists will pressure their patients to receive radioactive iodine or thyroid surgery.

What Can You Expect With Future Podcast Episodes?

I discuss this during episode #1, and so I definitely would check this out.  But I will say that initially I plan on releasing 10 to 12 solo interviews where I alone will be discussing topics related to hyperthyroidism.  After this there will be a combination of solo episodes and guest interviews.  I also plan on having some “mini” podcast episodes where I spend a few minutes answering a question or two related to hyperthyroidism.  By the way, the “main” episodes will be released on Tuesday, and I think that whenever I have a “mini” episode it will be released on Thursday or Friday…I’m still not sure as of writing this blog post!

Check Out The Save My Thyroid Website

Not only do I have a new podcast, but there is a new website to go along with it.  If you’d like to check it out visit SaveMyThyroid.com [1]. This website is where the podcast episodes and show notes will be hosted.  If you’re wondering about this website (www.NaturalEndocrineSolutions), this won’t be going anywhere, as I will continue to post content to it on a regular basis.

Well, I think that’s all I have to say for now.  I hope you watch one or more of the new episodes, as well as future episodes.  Of course I’d also love for you to show your support by subscribing!  Once again, you can find the podcast episodes on the new website [1], or if you Click Here [2] you can access it on Apple podcasts.  If you have an android phone you can Click Here [3] to access Google podcasts. It’s also available on other platforms (i.e. Spotify), but I don’t think you can subscribe from all of the platforms.