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Thyroid Storm & Natural Hyperthyroid Treatment Methods

A small percentage of people with hyperthyroidism have a severe condition known as thyroid storm.  Even though this condition doesn’t affect too many people with hyperthyroidism (1 to 2%), those who are affected by thyroid storm need to get this addressed immediately.  This condition is an emergency situation, and conventional medical treatment is required.

With that being said, do natural hyperthyroid treatment methods play any role in helping people with thyroid storm?  Before I answer this, let’s look at some of the common symptoms of this condition.  People who have thyroid storm may experience an increased heart rate exceeding 200 beats/minute.  They may also experience palpitations, an increase in blood pressure, as well as chest pain and/or a shortness of breath.  So it’s easy to understand why this is considered to be an emergency situation, and why anyone with thyroid storm needs to see a medical doctor immediately.

Managing The Symptoms Of Thyroid Storm

Due to the severity of the symptoms, usually a combination of different prescription drugs are used to manage the symptoms of thyroid storm.  Some of the common drugs recommended to people with this condition include beta blockers, antithyroid drugs, and can also include a blockade iodine drug.  Sometimes an infection can be causing or contributing to thyroid storm, and when this is the case this obviously needs to be addressed.

As for using natural treatment methods, you might wonder whether someone with thyroid storm can take any nutritional supplements or herbs to help manage their symptoms.  Even though there are some herbs which can help manage the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, such as Bugleweed and Motherwort, these herbs will take some time to “kick in”.  And when someone has a pulse exceeding 200 beats per minute or has difficulty breathing, they obviously don’t have time to wait for natural treatment methods to take effect.

Preventing Thyroid Storm From Coming Back

After using conventional medical treatment methods to control thyroid storm, this is the time to use natural treatment methods to attempt to restore the person’s health back to normal, and prevent thyroid storm from reoccurring.  So at this point one can take Bugleweed, Motherwort, and other nutritional supplements and/or herbs.  Of course just taking supplements and herbs won’t restore your health, and it’s always wise to consult with a competent holistic doctor, rather than self-treat your own condition.  After all, while one doesn’t want to take antithyroid drugs for a prolonged period of time, you also don’t want to take Bugleweed or any other herb on a permanent basis.  The goal should be to get to the underlying cause of the condition if at all possible.

So for anyone with thyroid storm who has a “natural mindset”, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention.  Then once you have the symptoms under control you can begin a natural treatment protocol to get to the underlying cause of the hyperthyroid condition, which should of course help prevent having a future incidence of this thyroid storm.