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Thyroid Hormone

Most people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are told they need to take synthetic or natural thyroid hormone on a daily basis.  The obvious reason for this is because their own thyroid gland isn’t producing a sufficient amount of thyroid hormone on its own, and in some cases isn’t producing any thyroid hormone whatsoever.  But for many people, a natural treatment protocol can restore the function of their thyroid gland back to normal, which means they will no longer need to take thyroid hormone on a daily basis.

If you’re like most people, then there is an excellent chance you are skeptical of the thought of a natural treatment protocol restoring your health back to normal.  And while admittedly not everyone can be helped through natural treatment methods, many people can benefit, and I’m about to explain why.

Synthetic Thyroid Hormone Doesn’t Do Anything For The Cause Of The Disorder

It’s puzzling that most people who are diagnosed with a hypothyroid disorder never consider that there might actually be something that is causing their thyroid gland to malfunction.  What almost always happens is when someone begins experiencing hypothyroid symptoms, they visit their primary care physician, and in some cases are referred to an endocrinologist.  Either way, after a TSH test and perhaps a few other tests, they are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and are simply told they will need to take thyroid hormone for the rest of their lives.

But why don’t most medical doctors try to determine what is causing the thyroid gland to malfunction in the first place?  The reason is because this is simply how they are trained in medical school, as they are taught to treat most conditions through prescription drugs, surgery, etc.  This isn’t to suggest that conventional medicine doesn’t have its place, and without question there are people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis who do need to take thyroid hormone daily.  But to automatically put every single person diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition on synthetic or natural thyroid hormone without trying to determine the cause is absurd.

Synthetic vs. Natural Thyroid Hormone

While most medical doctors will recommend synthetic thyroid hormone to their hypothyroid patients, some doctors will recommend a natural form of thyroid hormone (examples are Armour and Westhroid).  While some people do respond better when taking a natural form of thyroid hormone, this isn’t always the case.  But either way, taking either synthetic or natural thyroid hormone is doing nothing more than manage the symptoms of the person with hypothyroidism.

Once again, I’m not opposed to managing symptoms on a temporary basis, as this is without question important.  But wouldn’t it be better to try to get to the actual cause of the disorder, so you don’t have to rely on taking synthetic or natural thyroid hormone for the rest of your life?  For some people the answer to this is “no”, as they don’t mind taking thyroid hormone daily as long as it controls their symptoms.  But more and more people are turning towards natural treatment methods in an attempt to restore their health back to normal so they no longer need to rely on taking medication on a daily basis.

How Can Natural Treatment Methods Restore Your Health?

The goal of a natural treatment protocol is to get to the underlying cause of the disorder, and not just manage the symptoms.  So in addition to relieving your symptoms, natural treatment methods also restore your health back to normal, assuming this is possible of course.  So for example, when someone with a hypothyroid disorder consults with a competent natural healthcare professional, they will evaluate the person and will try to determine what has caused the thyroid gland to malfunction.

In order to do this, not only will they look at your blood test results (TSH, T3 & T4, TPO, etc.), but may very well recommend other tests to determine why you developed your condition.  One test I commonly recommend is an Adrenal Test Index (ASI), which will help determine the health of the adrenal glands.  Having stressed out adrenals will affect the health of other areas, and can directly or indirectly affect thyroid gland function.  An imbalance in the male or female sex hormones can also ultimately lead to thyroid problems.

Just fixing these problems usually isn’t enough, as one needs to go deeper and try to find out what caused the stress out adrenal glands, hormone imbalances, or any other problem.  Because the goal isn’t only to restore your health, but to also prevent a relapse from happening again.

In summary, if you have a hypothyroid condition and have been taking synthetic or natural thyroid hormone, you might want to consider giving natural treatment methods a try.  And don’t rule out a natural treatment protocol just because you have been taking thyroid hormone for many months or years, as while not everyone can be helped, many people who thought they couldn’t be helped have received great results.

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