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What’s Your Experience With Essential Oils?

In 2016 I wrote a blog post entitled “5 Essential Oils That Can Benefit People With Thyroid Conditions [1]”.  It was a very popular post, and so in 2017 I decided to write another well-researched article that focused on the benefits of Myrrh and Frankincense [2].  Perhaps I’ll write another blog post or article in the near future that focuses on other essential oils, but I’d like to know whether you have used essential oils, and if so, what has been your experience with them?

If you have had a positive experience when taking essential oils please let me know!  Or if for any reason you had a negative experience please let me know!  Of course it would be great if your experience relates to thyroid health, but even you used essential oils to improve your health in other ways feel free to share your comments below.

I’d also like to mention that a few months ago my friend Dr.  Eric Zielinski released a new book called “The Healing Power of Essential Oils [3]“, and so if you want to learn even more about essential oils you might want to check this out.