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What’s Your Experience With Gluten?

Last month I wrote a blog post entitled “What’s Your Experience With Iodine? [1]”, which was very popular and received a good number of comments.  And so I figured I’d run a similar blog post, but this time focus on gluten.  Unlike iodine, most people who go on a gluten free trial don’t experience negative results, and many people feel significantly better upon avoiding gluten.  However, there are also people who avoid gluten for a prolonged period of time and see no improvement in their symptoms, blood tests, etc.

So what I’d like for you to do is please share your experience with gluten.  If you avoided gluten and it helped improve your symptoms or blood tests please let me know!  And if you avoided gluten and you didn’t notice any improvement in your symptoms or tests please let me know!  And if you are one of those rare people who went on a gluten free trial and had a worsening of your symptoms please let me know!

Also, please feel free to be as specific as possible.  So for example, if you experienced gas and bloating, brain fog, daily headaches, skin problems, or any other sign or symptom that improved upon eliminating gluten please share this with everyone.  Or if you noticed a significant improvement in your thyroid hormone levels, thyroid antibodies, or any other test markers please share this with us as well.  Thank you in advance for participating!