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What’s Your Experience With Iodine?

A few days ago I released an article entitled “An Update On Iodine and Thyroid Health [1]”.  In this article I discussed my personal experience with iodine, along with my patient’s experience.  I also mentioned some of the benefits and risks of supplementing with iodine, and I spoke about the different forms of iodine supplementation.

But I decided to put together this blog post because I’m hoping that at least a few people will share their experience with iodine supplementation.  So if you have Graves’ Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, multinodular goiter, etc., and if you have supplemented with iodine in the past (or are currently supplementing with iodine), please feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.  If you took iodine and had a negative reaction please let me know!  And if you took iodine and had a positive experience please let me know!  And even if you didn’t notice anything positive or negative please let me know!

Also, please feel free to be as specific as you can with regards to what type of iodine you took (i.e. Iodoral, Nascent, kelp, etc.), how much you took, etc.  If you had a negative experience, what symptoms or lab values got worse?  If you had a positive experience what symptoms or lab values improved?  Thank you in advance for sharing your experience with iodine.