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What’s Your Experience With Iodine?

A few days ago I released an article entitled “An Update On Iodine and Thyroid Health”.  In this article I discussed my personal experience with iodine, along with my patient’s experience.  I also mentioned some of the benefits and risks of supplementing with iodine, and I spoke about the different forms of iodine supplementation.

But I decided to put together this blog post because I’m hoping that at least a few people will share their experience with iodine supplementation.  So if you have Graves’ Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, multinodular goiter, etc., and if you have supplemented with iodine in the past (or are currently supplementing with iodine), please feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.  If you took iodine and had a negative reaction please let me know!  And if you took iodine and had a positive experience please let me know!  And even if you didn’t notice anything positive or negative please let me know!

Also, please feel free to be as specific as you can with regards to what type of iodine you took (i.e. Iodoral, Nascent, kelp, etc.), how much you took, etc.  If you had a negative experience, what symptoms or lab values got worse?  If you had a positive experience what symptoms or lab values improved?  Thank you in advance for sharing your experience with iodine.



  1. Carrie says:

    I took Iodoral (half of a tablet) and had more hypo symptoms everytime. Lethargic, clumps of hair falling out. I tried it 2 times and I also tried just potassium iodide and did a little better but still had symptoms.
    I am now off all prescription thyroid meds (naturthroid) and did it without iodine.

    • Leigh says:

      At 59 years of age, and after 4 years of hell with Graves, I have learned a few valuable things! First, RAI will make your eye disease worse…do the research. Take Acetyl-L-Carnitine (3000 mgs. divided into 3 doses about 8 hours apart), Lithium Aspartate (30 mgs. same way), Natural beta-Carotene (75,000 IU same way). Add organic Bugleweed tea twice a day for severe symptoms (mtn. rose). For severe eye disease including dry eye at night, take Marshmallow twice a day for natural lubrication (this herb can cause phlem in lungs over time …people with respiratory issues proceed slowly). Stress and parasites play a large role in Graves Disease. Stress is addressable but the parasites may not be. The problem is that if you remove the parasites you leave small “holes” in your intestines and food gets through which makes your immune system go crazy and everything gets worse. Also, I knew somebody that died of Graves via a heart attack, so I also take Magnesium sulfate baths once a week (i.e. Epsom salts…3 cups in tub full of warm water for an hour) as magnesium relaxes muscles, including heart muscles, and it is actually what the hospital will give you intravenously if you come in to the E.R. with a heart attack. I also take a Beta blocker. I juice carrots and take organic vitamin and mineral supplements (without iodine as it makes my symptoms worse!!). In the beginning of all this I am certain I lived through at least two thyroid storms. The eye disease was intolerable till I found Marshmallow (thank you God!). I was sleeping an average of 2-3 hours a night and this went on for a long time till I was able to formulate my protocol. I avoid coconut oil as it kills parasites and my symptoms get out of control again. I now sleep 4-6 hours a night and feel that my immune system is improving. I still have flare-ups but no longer feel death is imminent (seriously!). If this information helps just one person…I am happy!

  2. Marianne Creyf says:

    Hi Dr. Eric,

    I’ve taken iodine tincture similar to Lugol’s, topically. Though I’ve no diagnosed thryroid condition, there are thyroid issues:

    Fatigue, low Mood, always cold, dry skin, diarrea..nearly classical hypo, but tests always fine. However I have koilonychia nails, improved only by real sunlight, a bit by vit D, not really improved with iron ( used to be low- ish)..normal tests but I do have a platelet function disorder.. ( in TCM I am liver blood deficient)

    Anyway the iodine tincture makes my nails curve and detach even more, same as Armour does even in minute quantities.. And I do avoid gluten…

    My next step is to do the OAT test from Great plains lab and copper/ zinc ratio as I suspect a copper issue despite ok in serum ( reason of suspicion: a copper rich beach around here seriously perks me up)

    I do wonder about the iodine/ copper link as the ( iodine rich)sea air and copper rich beach really make me feel soo much better.

    I don’t seem to react adversely to (and even crave it occasionally) some seaweed, in particular wakame.

    Thanks for all your amazing work

    Marianne Creyf

  3. Josh says:

    hi, About 3-4 months after i started taking kelp iodine I developed De Quervain’s thyroiditis, I had no thyroid issues before, maybe its coincidental but to me i thought there was a connection. cheers, Josh

  4. Lynn says:

    I took it for a short time after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (but had thought I just had “hypo”thyroidism for 15 years!) It made me feel awful so I quit taking it then starting researching and learned it can make Hashimoto’s worse. I have had this for 15+ years so I’m not quite sure what stage I am in. I’m just trying to reduce symptoms with gluten, dairy, soy free diet and supplements (selenium, magnesium, zinc, vit D, NAC,methlyated B vits, and probiotics). I feel great without the iodine and am almost symptom free!

    Thanks for your posts! Keep them coming!
    Lynn Fox

  5. Brigic Johnson says:

    I have taken liquid iodine an pill for it made my thyroid have a burning senseation. Do you know why this could be? Could I be allegic to iofine? I think iv taken iodide an idoral iodine. I appreciate your thoughts!

  6. Louis says:

    You should not be taking iodine unless you also take selenium to fuel the selenodeiododinases. Also, If you’re taking iodine in an attempt to increase thyroid function, then you’ll also need l-tyrosine as a substrate.

    If you’re thinking of upping your thyroid hormone level by taking either iodine or dessicated thryroid, then you need to up your adrenal function first via supplementation, or you’ll crash.

  7. Sarah Carrs says:

    I was taking 1 x 600mg of Organic Viridian Kelp a day, I opened it up and sprinkled it on my food, I have a TSH of 7.8 it was over 8 but I did bring it down, am trying to do it naturally but am under extreme stress with my Mum passing away, (who I cared for for years with dementia) and my partner walking out on me after 20 years, selling my house and my business and just lost my GSD, so, circumstances not helping me. Not sure if it was helping me or not but as I had read conflicting stories I stopped taking it a few weeks ago, I am not overweight, my main symptom is heavy legs and fatigue, I am oil, gluten and soya free Vegan x

  8. Hannah says:

    I have hashis. I’ve tried nascent iodine, potassium iodide, iodizyme HP. I get severe bloating, depression, foggy brain, mood swings, hair loss, feel angry etc when I take it any of those! I have tried so many times, the last 2 times starting on very low doses etc but fail. I now take 1 x kelp tablet twice per week (ascophyllum nodosum) that provides 350mcg iodine per tablet. Not sure if I should take it or not tbh. Also started taking naturethroid, but it’s early days with that.

  9. Anne says:

    I tried Lugol’s with no difference. I’ve found that avoiding gluten and dairy and adhering strictly with the AIP (Auto Immune Paleo ) diet has done wonders with weight loss, energy, and overall improvement.

  10. Deborah says:

    Hi, I am throid- less, due to RAI about 8 yrs ago..I had Graves..I take a compounded Amour thyroid and still not feeling as good as I should.So I decided to take Iodine,really not confident that I should..To early to tell as I stated 2 days ago..I take it with selenium..The Iodine I use is Detoxadine after reading several blogs about it..would appreciate if you could give some incite about Iodine and people with no thyroid. .Thanks for all you do and God bless..

  11. I have had Hashi’s for over 20 years. I have taken iodine in various forms during that time with both good and bad effects. The first time I was on it, it was part of a supplement especially for the thyroid. I felt better, but my antibodies ended up going through the roof. I eventually got off of it, but I have found through the years that I always feel worse if I have no iodine supplementation. I’ve used New Iodine and Iodoral and I feel better on the Iodoral – my allergies are better, my energy is better, everything is better. I’m currently only taking 6.25 mg, as anymore causes me to get depressed, and I supplement with 200 mcg of selenium. To date, there has been no adverse effect on my antibodies.

  12. Corina says:

    Hi Dr. Eric,
    I took Jodid 100 (100 µg) which was prescribed to me as a treatment for a nodule I have had for about 15 years. In the first two months I was very well, I finally had a very good sleep, my mood improved, but in the 3rd month everything changed. Not only I started to feel badly having all the symptoms of hyperthyroiditis (palpitations, insomnia, weight loss, diarrhea, etc), but also a blood test and a scan of the thyroid showed that the nodule became a toxic adenoidal because of the Jodid treatment. After interrupting the Treatment with Jodid, I started to feel much better after some time, but still had the hyper symptoms. My endocrinologist prescribed me Vit D and Mg and since then the symptoms almost disappeared.
    All the best, Corina

  13. Sam says:

    i tried briefly to add iodine with seaweed (not a capsule, loose seaweed by Maine sea coast vegetables) twice. I was concerned it was contributing to acne breakouts so I discontinued. I know there have been issues with heavy metals in seaweed and that iodine Can displace fluoride leading to breakouts. I may try to add iodine again in the future but am feeling really great with adrenal support and Naturthroid. If anyone has experienced increased acne after boosting the thyroid and has solved this issue, I would love to hear the solution you found!

  14. Mau says:

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a couple years ago and have tried everything under the sun, including Iodine, after my doctor did a 24 hour iodine loading test and found me to be low. I took Iodemere 12.5 with selenium once a week for a few months but failed to see much improvement. I’m feeling great on the hypothyroidism revolution diet and just Naturthroid, which I’ve decreased to 1/2 my original dose.

  15. Audrey says:

    I have got Graves dis ease. I tried taking iodine in the form of kelp. I felt worse so i stopped taking it. After that i just decided to take a multivitamin with daily recommanded dose of iodine. That does (until now) have no negative effects. I took the kelp for a month (june this year). Sinds mid juli taking the mulitvitamin.

    • Leigh says:

      I also have Graves. My symptoms worsen (less sleep etc.) when taking iodine and that makes sense considering that iodine nourishes and strengthens the thyroid and it then produces more thyroxine. Although all iodine should not be completely eliminated it is important to know that dairy also has relatively high amounts of iodine since cow’s udders are washed with it before milking. I know somebody that had half her thyroid removed and it resolved her hyperthyroidism and most of her Graves symptoms and she doesn’t take any medication.

      • Honora says:

        Apparently iodine is not used so much these days for washing the cow’s teats. It would be easy for me to find out what they use nowadays instead as I’m continually encountering dairy farm workers in my line of work.

  16. Camari says:

    I am hyper/graves. My levels were bad but not terrible 2 years ago. I started taking Iodine drops (a bottle from Whole foods- two drops into 8 ounce of water. Very little amounts). My levels improved greatly; almost normal. Dr found out I was taking iodine and told me to stop. I did (poor decision). My levels got so bad it pushed me ibto Graves. I do not take meds bc I am allergic to them. Now i use vitamins and I have upped my iodibe to 4 drops. I feel great. I gained weight (normal, not excessive), eyes are nit bulgy, strong muscles, I get good sleep. I gdt tested again in October so I will be. Able to gauge if mylevels match my symptoms. I swear by iodine.

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi! I’m 30, got diagnosed with GD 7 months ago, nothing seems to work, I hate medicine, will you share what kind of iodine you use? Please and thank you

      God bless

      Instagram chila_xo for faster communication

  17. Chris P. says:

    I have Hashi’s and multinodular goiter (one borderline nodule that we’re watching). I have not symptoms and my labs are good (gluten free for 5 years). I started using Lugol’s solution topically (2-3 drops on inner wrist/day) about 9 months ago to see if it would help shrink my nodule (I have been taking selenium for years, so I thought it would be OK). Had another ultrasound last month and the nodule is slightly bigger, not smaller. Continuing with iodine but I’m not sure it’s doing anything.

  18. Katie says:

    I have Graves’. I got fed up with taking my Propycil for 20 years so I left it and started taking iodine tincture drops. It produced a constant 0.01 TSH with normal FT3 and FT4 levels. No palpitation. But my TSH did not rise at all from 0.01.

    • Katie says:

      I became euthyroid having taken Popycil for months. Doctor told me I could as well leave meds.I was Ok for 6 months then I felt a sudden worsening. I had a lab test, and my TSH was 0.01. I started to take iodine drops. It remained there after 3 months of taking iodine. Normal FT3 n FT4. Suddenly a nodule appeared on my neck.The weight loss remained.
      I had no problems at all, it was just my looks that worried me.

  19. Adrienne says:

    Two years ago, I had a thyroid flare up where my thyroid went hyper and then about a month later went hypo and it stayed hypo. I was tested for all thyroid autoimmune diseases during that time and I still regularly get my thyroid antibodies checked. I have never had a positive result for autoimmune antibodies; however, I have had several ultrasounds on my thyroid and a couple doctors suspect Hashimoto’s. About a year ago I changed doctors who would prescribe NDT hormone instead of synthetic. She tested me and told me my iodine levels were low. She said since I never had a positive antibodies test to show I have an autoimmune disease, that I should supplement with iodine. I first tried iodine w/iodide 6.25mg every other day. I took selenium with it. After a few weeks I felt a lump in my throat when I would swallow (like I did during my flare up), so I went to kelp tablets 325 mcg every day. I still had weird symptoms. When I told her I didn’t feel good with it, she said it is required for my thyroid to function (even though I kind of new better), so I went back on the iodine. That last time I took it I really started getting the symptoms I had from my original flare up (almost like I was going to have another major flare up) – rapid heart beat, lump in my throat, severe memory loss, depression. I went off of it again and told her I will not take it anymore. After I stopped taking it, my symptoms immediately went away. I still eat seaweed and have kelp in my diet, which seems to be fine for me, but supplementing made my symptoms worse. I think it also confirmed what I already knew – that I do have Hashimoto’s.

  20. jayn says:

    I developed Grave’s Disease about four years ago but remained undiagnosed until January 2015. I have a multinodular thyroid and was initially treated with high doses of neomercazole and propanolol. I also took two courses of selenium for the exophthalmous in boh eyes. That has also abated. I stopped taking the now low doses of the other drugs in March 2016. The specialist advised me NOT to take iodine or eat iodine rich foods, so I avoided them. After about a year of reading about alternative therapies and in conjunction with gestalt couselling and a life affirming 1400 km solo bicycle journey around NZ, I gave up certain foods and eventually went into remission in March 2016. I have been in remission for about 6 months and still dont take iodine supplements or eat iodine rich foods. I follow a fairly strict vegetarian/vegan/gluten free diet omitting all grains (except small amounts of rice), nuts, dairy, soy, over processed foods, most packaged, manufactured foods, fish, meat (unless it is organic and I know where it came from. I dont buy it myself and only eat meat if it’s a social occasion),nightshade family vegetables. I eat lots of fresh kale and wild greens from my organic garden, and focus on probiotic yoghurt, fermented sourdough ‘bread’ made from buckwheat, chia, rice,chickpea flour and leftover vegetables, and very little sugar and fruit. As I have not tried iodine as a curative, I dont know if it has an effect on my health, but I havent noticed any negative effects of NOT ingesting iodine. I have refused the protocol of having my thyroid ablated or RAI. So far it’s behaving normally. I feel better than I have for many, many years.Fingers crossed.

  21. Marie V says:

    I had hyperthyroid/grave disease my doctor want to operate I said no. My iodine was high and I had palpitation, sweating not sleeping well. Then I told my doctor that I don’t have deficiency for surgery what I need his something to cure my thyroid. I left her office arrived home I flushed all my medications. I don’t eat no sugar, dairy, gluten and meat. I drunk juice that I made with leaf and vegetable. For my rice I took Quinoa, millet, couscous. I became more naturel and no cheese etc. Each time I went to my regular doctor I asked him to gave me a blood test: TSH T4 then I control myself not to go there anymore.

  22. chava bekhor says:

    Taking kelp everyday and increasing the dosage as per a drs guidance is what pushed my thyroid over the edge and is what caused the hashimotos to develop. without question.

  23. carm says:

    Have been diagnosed with hashimoto’s since 2012 and have tried all types of treatments, gluten free, low dose naltrexone, which gave me some intense headaches, Wobenzyn digestive enzymes, potassium iodide-iodine combo, but my antibodies are still high. Iodine at the 6.5 mg level gave me a lot of energy, maybe too much energy, but it raised the antibodies while lowering the tsh. Kelp is not tolerated very well, but it seems that sea salt with iodine has kept my iodine levels adequate. I wonder if there is some natural product that will balance the immune system, but I have not found one yet, though I have tried a variety of them. Currently I am trying white peony, since an md has stated that he has had good results with it on autoimmune conditions.

    • Maya says:

      Hi Carm, I have tried exactly what you have too and the antibodies remained high at over 10,000. I tried adopting a gluten/dairy/nut/grain/soy/egg free diet and followed the Paleo Autoimmune Diet protocol and also took Thytrophin PMG tablets after every meal and after 3 short months, my TPO antibodies went down to 2,500. Though it is hard to follow such a strict diet when you are a social butterfly, it did produce results over a short time for me. But I guess it would be good if you have the support from your friends and family.

  24. Honora says:

    I have sub-clinical hypothyroidism with postive antibodies. My doctor tested me for iodine deficiency and the result came back that I was deficient. I trialled Lugol’s iodine and it raised my thyroid antibodies 10-fold but at that time I was unaware that selenium is also meant to be taken when taking iodine. I now just have iodised salt and miso soup (with kelp about 3 times a month. When my thyroid antibodies went up I didn’t get any symptoms but I was monitoring them very frequently. I’m on Whole Thyroid Extract (NDT) but am considering trying the bovine version that’s produced here in New Zealand but only available online from the US of A.

  25. Kim says:

    I was diagnosed with Graves 4 years ago, I decided not to take the medication and went down the track of changing my diet (gluten free) and taking a lot more care of myself physically and emotionally. All that has worked well and has kept it mostly under control.I have read about the importance of iodine and decided to take Lugols solution. I found that it made my anxiety go through the roof along with palpitations and sweating. I stopped taking it and things settle down. I had my iodine levels tested using the 24 hr test and got a result of 76% so I decided to take it again and each time I get the same symptoms. I really want to take it but I don’t think it likes me!

  26. Furkan says:

    I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease (Hyperthyroid) and was treated conventionally (Block and replace regime) over a six year period. (I saw 6 different Endocrinologist in the UK and India.

    I was told explicitly to avoid all iodine containing products.
    To cut a long story short, I was told there is no cure or reversal, hence, I came to a point where I had to decide either to have a thyroidectomy or RAI. I refused both and my last resort was Iodine in the form of Lugols (15%).. Having studied thoroughly beforehand, I made sure I took all the supporting nutrients/vitamins in a fairly high dose and started with 1 drop of the lugols. This I did whilst stopping all thyroid meds. Within 12 hours my resting pulse came down from 120 to 100… I upped the dosage of Lugols to 2 drops, felt immediately better. Within 24 hours my pulse rate came down to around 85 bpm. Over the course of the next 6 months I reached a point where I upped my Iodine dose to around 600mg (Yes, Milligrams!). This worked wonders for me. I then went back down to a maintenance dose of about 50 mg.

    Of course I took all the essential supporting supplements. Including Vitamin C (10g per day), Magnesium (600mg), Selenium (200 mcg), High doses of B vitamins, Zinc, Maca root, Ginseng, 2 Tblspns Coconut Oil daily, Apple Cider Vinegar and more.

    I had a general protocol which targeted Stomach, Immune system, Adrenal support and Thyroid support.

    It’s now 3.5 years since I stopped my conventional medication and I feel better than I have in 20 years! Today my pulse is averaging around 75bpm. I have not taken any supplements or Lugols for 3 months with no change. I can declare Iodine was essential and pivotal in my complete remission. I have much more energy and clarity of mind. From not being able to pick up my baby son for more than a minute without fatigue, or walking upstairs without running out of breath to now being able to hit the gym twice a week and train in martial arts! Iodine is a blessing.

    This is extremely condensed and I hope this is not overly complicated. 😉

    • Katie says:

      Hi Furkan,
      So you stopped taking your maintanance dosage of Lugol’s?
      If yes,when did that point come when you you thought there is no need taking it?

  27. Nevena says:

    My doctor prohibit me even to go to seaside because of iodine vapors?! My diagnosis since 4 years is Hashimoto and unique treatment is 25mkgr l-tyroxine (the last year)?!

  28. Lora says:

    Hi. 55yo.Since 38 – Hashimoto’s. The Io loading test showed my deficiency & I was Rx-ed salts of Iodine/iodide in a tableted form – brought me to some uniquely miserable experience I do not want to repeat: temperature fluctuations, sweating, generally poorer condition. We stopped. Was taking the seaweed supplement – felt better. Also tried the liquid iodine tincture – on my skin – I think it feels much better for me. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Dawn says:

    Hi, been autoimmune for over ten years, and expressly warned to not eat iodine rich foods or take any supplements or vitamins. In 2015 started on a autoimmune Paleo diet, eating grass fed beef and organic fresh fruit and quality chocolate and after 8 months, got annual testing for TSH 2.2 and T4Free over 120% range.

    In 2015, Endo didn’t change dose, 100 mcg.

    In 2016 started to eat organic chicken, seeds and nuts or more of a standard Paleo diet and also tried a small drop of potassium iodide drops of only 20 mcg one time a day. Theory was to build up on taking iodine very slowly over the next few years. The next check up, TSH 6.95 and T4Free in 90%, and Endo wants to quickly take up to next level or 112 mcg. And Endo agreed to wait and re test in another 3 months.

    Could this be the tiny drop of 20 mcg one time a day? Or, would it be the nuts and seeds and some combination? I want to eat healthy and do eat WheatBelly, grain free, organic, natural sugar, and attend to gut flora at 50 Billion a day, and trying to eat fermented foods (this usually doesn’t agree with me). Would be interested in trying LDN, however now the TSH T4FREE are perhaps stable enough for LDN. I may as well eat nuts and seeds, and continue with low dose iodine (tiny small drops, < 50 mcg to start)

  30. Dawn says:

    Selenium from eating brazil nuts, and taking liposomal Vit. C, taking B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, 3.6 G. EPA & DHA, Vit. D drops 4,000 IU daily, and now concerned that LDN, may be out of range until autoimmune hypothyroidism numbers change? Certain that iodine deficiency exists has not enough was ever consumed in food.

  31. Addie says:

    In 2012, ND put me on Tyler BMR Complex for my Hashi. I took 2 caps twice daily. So, I was taking around 1200 mcg of iodine per day for close to 3 months. Got worse and worse until I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. The caps also triggered a strong burning sensation all along my digestive tract and I was seeing blood in my stool. ND switched me to Thyroid Support – worthless. I went back to my MD and convinced her to put me on Armour(15mg). It kicked in after only 3 days and changed everything. I now take Armour(30mg) and follow a gluten + dairy free diet. In 2015, I ordered an IgG test from Alletess Medical Lab and now know my trigger foods. So, Armour and diet changes worked for me.

  32. Anja says:

    My integrative medicine doctor started me out on seaweed because my iodine level was so low. I worked up to more packages of seaweed. Then I moved to taking tablets and slowly ramped up. From tablets I progressed to Lugol’s 2% Iodine Solution. I started with 1 drop per day and worked up to 6 drops per day. This has been adjusted up and down as needed. I stopped for some time because my iodine was too high. When o restarted it felt extremely sick (like I are a lot of shellfish at once). I do forget to take the liquid drops because it’s not in my daily pill box. I had to set a reminder in my phone calendar yo not forget. I do feel better and function better when my iodine levels are correct. I don’t feel good when they are off. To be specific my heart goes wonky when my iodine is off. My heart can hurt from the wonky heart beat and tap dance that it does in my chest.

    It’s really hard to see the teeny tiny font on my phone. I hope I spelled everything correctly because I can’t see this damn form!

  33. Christina says:

    In hindsight, I believe that high amounts of iodine from seaweed brought on my Graves’ Disease. When I later experimented with taking a tablet or a half tablet of 12.5 mg Iodoral a few times a week, for a few weeks, my joints became severely inflamed and swollen, to the point that I could hardly walk for half a year. So, my advice based on my personal experience is to be extremely cautious with iodine, and watch for any new or increased symptoms if you take it, whether you have autoimmune thyroid disease or not.

  34. Katie says:

    The good thing with iodine lasts only for half a year then the Chaikoff effects comes into action.

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