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What’s Your Experience With Selenium?

Recently I wrote an updated article on selenium.  In the article I mentioned how many people take selenium supplements, and if this describes you I’d like to know what your experience with selenium has been.  I realize that it’s not always easy to know if a specific supplement is helping, especially when most people are taking more than one supplement at the same time, which frequently is the case.  But if you noticed some positive changes when taking selenium I’d like to know.

So if you noticed an improvement in any of your symptoms while taking selenium please share it below in the comments section.  This can include an improvement in hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, cold hands and feet, or other symptoms.  And of course if you have hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease and experienced an improvement when taking selenium please let me know!  If you didn’t experience an improvement in symptoms but noticed a decrease in your thyroid antibodies after adding selenium please let me know!  If you happened to experience any negative symptoms when taking a selenium supplement please let me know!  If you don’t take a selenium supplement but are instead relying on food sources of selenium you of course can also comment below if you’d like.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience with everyone.



  1. Deanna says:

    When I started Selenium 200mcg a day, my TPO’s dropped very quickly and have stayed at 42 for a couple of years.

    • Marianne says:

      Ich habe meinen Selenspiegel anheben können, bekam von der zu hohen Dosis (200µg) Kopfweh. Habe dann nochmal versucht mit weniger Selen einzuschleichen und fühle mich seitdem lebendiger und habe mehr Energie.
      2012 = 95,20 µg (53 – 105,)
      = 115,0 µg/l (53 – 105)
      = 97,2 µg/l (53 – 105)
      = 110,0 µg/l (53 – 105)
      = 101,0 µg/l (53 – 105)
      2017 = 111,0 µg/l (65 – 150)
      Da ich gelesen habe, dass zuviel Selen auch schädlich sein kann möchte ich lieber öfter eine Pause einlegen und meinen Haarausfall sowie mein Nagelwachstum dabei weiter beobachten.

      Ich lese hier neugierig mit um weiteres über Selen zu erfahren.

  2. Jane K Turnipseed says:

    My thyroid blood labs have gone back into the normal range since including 200mcg of selenium 2x day. Not sure if it gets all the credit, as my nutritionist has me on other supplements as well… my MD said, “keep doing what you are doing”, as my numbers have stabilized since swinging from Hypo to Hyper….then back to Hypo. Thanks!

  3. Camille Brown says:

    After being diagnosed with Hashi’s in 2015 I startrted taking 200 mg. selenium and eating a couple of Brazil nuts daily. My antibodies have since gone down and I have a little more energy. I am still struggling with my major, ongoing symptoms – dizziness, fatigue, neuropathy – dizziness when standing and moving around is the worst! Thank you for your invaluable

    • Lisa says:

      You should be sure to be on NDT therapy, natural dedicated thyroid instead of synthroid. Your symptoms probably will never resolve otherwise. It’s far superior. Check out this site which explains everything:

  4. Reid Bounsall says:

    I’ve been taking 400 micrograms of SELENOEXCELL daily for a few years now, because research shows unequivocally that it’s the most effective form. (This is according to a man who did his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Cornell while focusing on Selenium research. He’s considered one of the leading authorities in the world on selenium). Also, Dr. Michael Murray, the leading Naturopathic researcher also believes SELENOEXCELL is the best form.

    Though I can’t say I feel any different, I know it’s reducing my risk of cancer by at least 50%, esp. colon and prostate, and benefits me by boosting my GLUTATHIONE levels by 35%.

    Hope that’s helpful.

  5. Susie Savage says:

    I started supplementing with selenium about three years ago. For the past year I stopped supplementing and started eating 5 to 6 brazil nuts each day. (I have Hashimoto’s.) Although my job requires that I get up at 4 a.m., I feel that I maintain a decent energy level. For the past two years my antibodies have been much lower to around 40. I don’t know if this is directly related to the selenium but I feel like it plays a role. In addition, I maintain a high fat, low carb diet most of the time and get regular exercise.
    Thank you,

  6. Jc says:

    When is the best time to take selenium? With your thyroid drug or night before or anytime during the day?

  7. lynn says:

    Hello First of all I would like to thank you for all the information you kindly put on your website, it is a great help. I have known for 1 year that I am hyperthyroid but that explains the previous 2 years. I take two 200 ug per day of selenium and magnesium which I have been taking for three years for cramp, I drink lemon balm tea and I have b been gluten free for 1 year. i took D3 for 10months but have stopped for the summerI had many symptoms including cramp, very hot frequent flushes, loose bowels, cramp like symptoms in my forearms and hands, chronic tiredness, sleep problems because of the flushes, and I have been coughing with throat irritation for years.

    Once I became gluten free the cough went in six days (yippee) the hot flushes have almost gone and not now severe, bowels are fine, lots of energy again, headaches have gone altogether, cramp is very rare and my hands and arms are almost back to normal. I don’t know what part selenium plays but I am one happy bunny these days. I have nodules as well but nothing gets irritated or swollen anymore. The only thing I am still getting but less of it, is rapid heart rate and breathlessness and even that is so much better now. I wish I knew how much selenium helps but I have read so much about it that I know it does play a part. Many thanks Lynn

  8. I’ve been taking selenium at 200 mg for a few months now, and not sure that I’ve noticed anything different. I’m hypothyroid and my last tsh and free t3 and t4 levels were not good. My tsh was 5.8, and my free t3 was near the bottom of the range. Not sure if I’m not converting or what. I take WP thyroid now, starting after these tests were done. I also take a baby dose of compounded t3 in the afternoon. I guess I will need to get my numbers checked again in a month or so to see if the WP and t3 are helping at all. I’m also on a Paleo diet, so I don’t have to worry about gluten or anything like that. Just want my levels to be optimal!

  9. Rebekah says:

    Does one take selenium suppplements with food, or without food?

  10. Neil Firth says:

    I’ve been taking Selenium for about 6 weeks, and after about 2 weeks started to notice a change in my hearing. I have been profoundly deaf for about the last 6 years, with the real decline starting about 12 years ago (2005). I had very high-powered hearing aids, and they seemed to be becoming too strong – I was actually turning them down instead of up.
    I had a hearing test out 3 weeks ago, and the audiologist could not believe the difference – it’s basically gone from profoundly deaf to moderate hearing loss, and, so far, seems to be holding.
    I suffer very badly with tinnitus (like a road-drill, not a hissing that many people describe), and that seems improved (though still very loud).

  11. Lynn says:

    I have been taking 200 mcg of selenium in liquid form for almost a year and a half and definitely notice less brain fog and fatigue. My TPO antibodies did drop from over 500 to 300 while taking selenium. But I am also gluten, dairy, soy, and corn free. I also take vit D through cod liver oil, NAC, zinc, magnesium, methylated B vitamins, digestive enzymes, Megasporebiotics, maca, vit C and adrenal gladulars.

  12. Laura says:

    I started taking 200 mcg of Selenium a few months before having blood work done. My Selenium levels ended up being 310 (ref.range of 120-200). I immediately stopped the Selenium. Four months later my level was 256 (120-200). I have no idea why my levels were so high, and I haven’t had them done this year, so I don’t know where they are now. I guess this just shows that we shouldn’t automatically assume that we need something without first investigating.

  13. Sari Otaqui says:

    I have been supplementing first using tablets 200mg then i.v. simultaneously with other minerals and HRT including iGf1 the effect was excellent, but the readings on Oligoscan where barely improved

  14. Maria says:

    Thanks Dr. Eric for all the information. I am taking 100 mg of selenium (the only thing i could find where i live and it is actually a mix of suplements, not only selenium) and i noticed my antibodies went down (from 1300 to 1000 antiTPO and the antitiroglobulina went to normal). I live in Mexico and it is really hard to find a doctor that accepts this suplements and is also hard to find the suplements… I apreciate all the information but sometimes it is frustrating not to be able to follow all the recomendations (grass fed meat, gluten free stuff, organic vegetebles and of course all the suplements because there are not available in this part of Mexico). Sorry for my mistakes with the language and again thanks

  15. Robyn says:

    Have been taking 200mcg daily for a few years (graves). Swelling in eyes definitely a noticeable difference. for my sons wedding 5 years ago I wore sunglasses all day & night. Now would not be as self conscious There had been that much of an improvement. As for everything else with thyroid selinum had no noticeable egfect

    • Narcis says:

      It’s promising Robyn. I’m a young girl with 3 years eye swelling. This is so disturbing me. My only wish in my life is to be cured. I have started selenomethinonine 200mcg daily a few days ago. Thanks to Dr. Eric. I hope to be better. I’m so happy for you because I know that how it is hurting.

  16. Karen says:

    I’ve been taking Selenium for about 1 1/2 years since having my thyroid removed for Graves’ disease. I’m not sure if there is a difference because I started it as soon as I started the NatureThyroid. The last few weeks however I am getting numb lips, hands and feet and dizziness. I am waiting for blood work to come back to see what my magnesium and selenium levels are. I don’t know if it is related.

  17. jayn says:

    Hi all
    I had/have Graves with gluten issues and a ‘poppy’ right eye. I was diagnosed two years ago. I took selenium for the eye problem with good results and no longer suffer from much more than dry eyes when i am asleep for which I use moisturising drops. The popeye has gone completely and my eyes look big (they always were) but normal. I also started a strict all vego/vegan diet with no grains, limited dairy, no sugar, limited fruit, only a little honey or maple syrup and only fermented seed sourdough ‘bread’. I also take magnesium oil in water. I dont drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs. I meditate and actively seek a peaceful, low stress existence. I’ve learned to meditate after a fashion, and certainly to relax and try not to worry about things so much. I also eliminated as many toxins from my house as i could find – cleaners, creams, lotions, shampoos, as well as any pharmaceutical drugs (including propanolol and the beta blockers I had to use for about 6 months.) I clean with homemade vinegar and bicarb soda, only organic coconut oil and hemp oils on my skin and I wash my hair with bicarb and rinse it with vinegar. I had been told I would have to have eye surgery to correct the damage and have my ‘throat cut’ or RAI to remove my thyroid gland. This hasnt occurred and my doctor seems satisfied that at least for the short term I’m doing fine. In fact I havent been to see a doctor for over 6 months, but I realize I will need to have routine checks because my thyroid is full of nodules. Other than occasional mild symptoms – sweating, heart racing and adrenal rushes in response to severe stress, I feel exceptionally well. Blood tests show that I am in the normal ranges and I am very fit and mostly full of energy. I have some tired days. I no longer take selenium unless i notice any discomfort in my eyes and then only for about 5 week periods..

  18. Dolores Guertin says:

    Greetings from Ottawa, Canada. Thank you Dr. Eric for the great format in which you share info. Trying to keep my head above water with Hashi but aprox 30 yrs ago after pregnancy, I now know I had Graves. Havent tested antibodies in over 1 yr, many symptoms, many triggers and multiple auto-immune conditions. I was taking Brazil nuts for long time but recently stopped and started with AOR Selmet 55mcg x3/day. Take BHRT, levothyroxine and NDT wait 15-20 min, take 2 selenium, wait 15-20 min. 30 min x2 is a stretch, got to get out the door! The first thing I noticed was the texture of my hair felt better (always thin and falling, selenium can help with iron absorption and many other things), just hope it continues and that I continue to see other benefits, Brazil nuts weren’t doing it, my question is is it really impt to get selelnium levels tested and if so which method and how often? I’m sure you have heard this all before but my energy and funds are enormously taxed, despite that I also added befotiamine (costly, will check further to see if online offers a better option), again by AOR 4-5, 80 mg, to see if it can help with blood sugar regulation. Taking many many other supplements as well. Leading a clean active lifestyle, yet I need to feel a lot better. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you again, Kind Regards

  19. Iatrogenia says:

    Because tests showed I had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I stupidly ate one Brazil nut per day as a selenium supplement, as advised many places on the Web under the assumption that everyone is deficient in selenium.

    A few months afterward, I happened to get a test for serum selenium. My serum selenium level was sky-high.

    Excessive selenium is toxic. I stopped eating the Brazil nuts, after a few months, my selenium level is normal.

    As it turns out, vegetables grown in Northern California naturally contain a high level of selenium (it’s a worrisome soil contaminant here). I get all the selenium I need from the vegetables I buy at the farmer’s market.

    The naturopaths and other alternative practitioners who post advice on the Web are seriously remiss in not mentioning you need to test your blood selenium level FIRST before considering supplementation.

    Not everyone requires selenium supplementation. If you happen to read on someone’s Web site that selenium deficiency is universal, you need to stop reading that Web site immediately, that kind of advice could kill you.

  20. Dany says:

    Hello from Italy, where 80% of the women has Hashimoto. I Have been taking 200mcg daily for a few months, together with zinc, but absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in the blood level of anti Too antibodies or anything else.

  21. Perry says:

    I take selenium on and off. My levels have never been controlled.

    I do have a multi nodular goiter and I just want to make sure it doesn’t get malignant and I hear selenium helps. I first the took the yeast bound selenium and brazil nuts, I can’t tell if there was improvement. When Aunt Flo wasn’t visiting for a long time I started sodium selenite and then AF came almost immediately. But this also happens with iodine. I also take other supplements like sea weed and others.
    I don’t take Selenium all the time because I wouldn’t want to cause accumulation.
    I am currently taking selenomethionine on low dosis of 55mcg but I still have issues with low body temperature especially hand, feet. I have tried copper but I realise I don’t tolerate it.
    Could you please expand on when selenium (the diff types) is best taken?
    Thank you for your postings.

  22. Casey Zhou says:

    Dear Dr. Eric,

    I’d be happy to tell a bit about my experience with selenium supplementation. I take 55 mcg of selenium supplement or 2-3 Brazil nuts almost daily as I have Hashimoto’s. With this intake, my blood test result shows 150 mcg/L (normal range 53-105 mcg/L)of selenium level. Actually, I really wonder one should follow the blood test result as a guideline for adjusting the selenium intake. Or blood test result isn’t accurate as it doesn’t represent the cellular absorption? It would be very helpful if Dr. Eric can shed some light on this issue as I believe many of us are wondering whether we should still increase our intake of selenium if the blood test result is normal.

    I don’t notice any difference after taking selenium because I also take other supplements at the same time. However, I do notice vitamin D3 supplementation does improve my T4 to T3 conversion.

    Thank you for all the helpful posts!

  23. Ali Anderson says:

    I’m glad you are interested in selenium supplementation. I have been thinking a lot about this.
    After a hypothyroid dx, I started a multi supplement that conatined zinc, iodine and selenium, along w many other things.
    I stopped taking it after reading about the link between prostate cancer risks and selenium supplementation. While I am female, if this is linked in men, what don’t we know about a potential harmful link in women?
    I changed to a zinc supplement, an iodine supplement (kelp) and eat two Brazil nuts daily.

    I would love your thoughts if you think selenium supplementation has the potential to be dangerous.

    Thank you!

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