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What Is The Best Thyroid Supplement To Take?

Many people who have a thyroid condition want to take nutritional supplements to help manage their symptoms, or in some cases cure their condition.  As a result, some people want to know what is the best thyroid supplement to take.  For those who have read some of my other articles and blog posts on this website, then you probably know that this is a trick question, as there isn’t a single thyroid supplement that can cure your condition.

Don’t get me wrong, as there are numerous nutritional supplements and herbs that are important to thyroid health.  But there really is no good answer to the question “what is the best thyroid supplement to take”, as it takes a combination of different supplements, along with changing one’s diet, along with other factors to help improve thyroid health.  The problem is that we live in a society where we expect a single pill or supplement to perform miracles, when unfortunately this isn’t the case.

If you want to manage your symptoms with a single pill, then take thyroid hormone (if you have hypothyroidism).  But if you think that purchasing a thyroid support formula or thyroid booster is going to cure your hypothyroid or hyperthyroid condition, then you’re greatly mistaken.  I’m not going to go into great detail about this, as I already have written an article about this called Be Wary Of Natural Thyroid Support Supplements.

As I discussed in that article, not all of the thyroid support supplements and thyroid boosters are a waste of money, but most of them are.  And there really is no way to know which ones are “quality” supplements, and which ones are complete junk.  One of the problems is that different thyroid conditions require different supplements.  Heck, even the same thyroid conditions require different supplements in different people.

No Two Thyroid Cases Are Alike

For example, two people with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism can take the exact same nutritional supplements, but receive completely different results.  This is yet another reason why it’s a bad idea to self-treat your condition.  If I were to take ten people with Graves’ Disease and put each of them on the identical protocol as I followed when I was initially diagnosed, some of them probably would receive great results, but some of them wouldn’t respond well at all.  This is why it’s necessary to fully evaluate each person and come up with an individualized treatment plan.

Of course the main reason why different people require different treatment plans is because there are different causes of each type of thyroid condition.  So for example, while Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune thyroid condition which involves a compromised immune system, there are different factors that can lead to the autoimmune response, and these need to be addressed in order to restore someone’s health back to normal through natural treatment methods.

So the person who wants to know “what is the best thyroid supplement to take” needs to realize that there are no “shortcuts” regarding their health.  In most cases, someone who has a thyroid disorder has developed their condition because they neglected their health.  Now of course nobody does this intentionally, as many people are simply unaware of the consequences of eating poorly, not doing a good job of managing stress or minimizing exposure to environmental toxins, etc.  Others are aware, but simply don’t care.  In any case, one can’t correct years of neglect by taking a single nutritional supplement, or even by taking multiple nutritional supplements.

How To Achieve Optimal Thyroid Health

In order to achieve optimal thyroid health, one first needs to change their mindset and stop thinking about “What is the best thyroid supplement to take”, but instead ask themselves the question “What can I do in order to be as healthy as possible?”.  Even though I focus on thyroid health on this website, the goal obviously is to achieve optimal overall health, which one can do by following the different rules I have repeated many times in different articles and blog posts (eat well, obtain quality sleep, exercise, manage your stress, have a positive attitude, minimize exposure to environmental toxins, etc.). 

As for which supplements you should take, I recommend reading the article I wrote entitled “5 Essential Supplements For Optimal Thyroid Health”.  Of course this is just a general list, as I do recommend that anyone with a thyroid condition who is looking to treat their condition naturally consult with a natural endocrine doctor, and not just randomly take nutritional supplements or herbal remedies.  Just remember that even though nutritional supplements and herbs are readily available at health food stores, pharmacies, online, etc., there still are risks with taking them, and so you do need to be careful.

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