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I think most people with hypothyroidism would agree that their condition is not due to a deficiency in synthetic thyroid hormone.  Even though this is obviously true, most endocrinologists tell just about all of their patients with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to take synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of their life.  Almost never do they attempt to find out why the person developed a hypothyroid condition to begin with.  Although some people do need to take synthetic or natural thyroid hormone on a permanent basis, many people can have their health restored back to normal through natural hypothyroid treatment methods.

In fact, more and more people with hypothyroidism are turning to holistic care, as many people are simply sick and tired of covering up their symptoms by taking thyroid hormone.  While there are some great endocrinologists and medical doctors out there who are trying to help their patients the best that they can, just about all of these healthcare professionals are trained to treat conditions through the use of drugs and surgery.  And while this sometimes is necessary, many times it isn’t.  Although symptom management is without question important, just think about how great it would feel if you were able to fully restore your thyroid health back to normal through a natural hypothyroid treatment protocol, and not have to rely on taking synthetic or natural thyroid hormone for the rest of your life.

The Malfunctioning Thyroid Gland Is Usually Not The Cause Of Your Disorder

Most people with hypothyroidism don’t realize that the malfunctioning thyroid gland is usually not the primary cause of their condition.  After all, one’s thyroid gland doesn’t just stop producing thyroid hormone on its own, as there is always a cause behind this.  So while giving thyroid hormone may do a good job of managing one’s symptoms (although not always), it is not doing anything for the cause of your condition.

As for what’s causing your condition, this of course can vary.  Many times it is caused by lifestyle factors, such as poor eating habits, lack of sleep, not handling stress well, etc.  Other times it can be environmental toxins causing or contributing to such a condition.  Genetics can also be a factor, although research shows that it doesn’t play as big of a role as many people think.  In fact, many people with a genetic marker for hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis can be helped a great deal by modifying some of their lifestyle factors, which is great news.

90% of all hypothyroid conditions are autoimmune in nature.  In other words, most people with hypothyroidism have the condition Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  But what causes this condition?  Numerous factors can trigger an autoimmune response, and as a result in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis you have TPO antibodies, and many times Thyroglobulin antibodies.  These antibodies will damage the thyroid gland, which is what leads to the decreased production of thyroid hormone.  And while taking synthetic or natural thyroid hormone might be necessary to manage the symptoms, this won’t do anything for the immune system.  So the goal is to detect and then remove the trigger which is causing the autoimmune response, get rid of the inflammation, and suppress the autoimmune component of the condition.

How Can A Natural Hypothyroid Treatment Protocol Help?

Unlike conventional medical treatments, a natural hypothyroid treatment protocol tries to get to the underlying cause of your disorder.  In other words, upon seeing a competent natural endocrine doctor, they will try to determine what is actually causing your thyroid gland to malfunction.  In addition to looking at the typical thyroid blood tests, they might also evaluate your adrenal glands, digestive system, hormone levels, and other areas of the body which can be causing your thyroid gland to malfunction.  Then assuming this natural healthcare professional feels they can help you, they will recommend a natural hypothyroid treatment protocol that won’t just manage your symptoms, but will also help to restore your health back to normal.

Of course not everyone is a candidate for natural hypothyroid treatment methods.  However, many people assume they aren’t a candidate because they have had their condition for a long time, or perhaps they received thyroid surgery or radioactive iodine treatment.  While these factors can definitely make it more challenging to restore one’s health back to normal, and in some cases impossible (for example, someone who has had their thyroid gland completely removed), many people who fall under this category can be still benefit from following a natural hypothyroid treatment protocol.

The Risks Of Self-Treating One’s Hypothyroid Condition

Many people assume they can treat their hypothyroid condition on their own, without the help of a natural healthcare professional.  Some will simply visit their local health food store and try taking some supplements and/or herbal remedies to help cure their condition.  The problem is that it usually is not this easy to cure a hypothyroid condition, as while nutritional deficiencies can contribute to a thyroid or autoimmune thyroid condition, there are other factors which can be causing hypothyroidism to develop.

In other words, taking supplements and herbs alone is usually not the answer.  Plus, while nutritional supplements can help, one must remember that different people will need to take different types of supplements, take different dosages, etc.  Plus the quality of the supplements you take is important, and the truth is, many supplements are of low quality.  So just taking a general thyroid support formula is usually not the answer to restoring your health back to normal.  Doing so not only can worsen your symptoms, but often times taking this approach will be a complete waste of money.

How To Find A Competent Natural Endocrine Doctor For Your Hypothyroid Disorder

Finding a competent natural endocrine doctor who can restore your health back to normal is not always an easy task.  There simply are not a lot of holistic doctors who focus on endocrine disorders, such as hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  I usually advise people to contact some of the chiropractors and naturopathic doctors in their area, as if they contact enough of them there is a good chance they will find one who focuses on endocrine conditions.  If they’re unable to find such a doctor this way then many people can be helped by consulting with someone remotely over the phone, although it’s a good idea to first get diagnosed by an endocrinologist before taking this approach.  I personally conduct remote consultations and have helped a lot of people this way, but I realize that some people prefer to speak with someone face-to-face.

Can Natural Hypothyroid Treatment Methods Restore Your Health?

You might be wondering whether natural hypothyroid treatment methods can restore your health back to normal.  If you didn’t become hypothyroid due to thyroid surgery or from receiving radioactive iodine, then there is a good chance you can benefit from a natural hypothyroid treatment protocol.  On the other hand, even if you have had a partial thyroidectomy or received RAI, there still is a chance that you can benefit from following such a protocol.  If you have received surgery or RAI and can’t have your health completely restored back to normal, it still is important to address the cause of your condition.  However, those people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis who haven’t had these procedures have an excellent chance of restoring their health back to normal.

Free Guide Shows You How To Restore Your Health Naturally

For more information on how a natural hypothyroid treatment protocol might be able to help you, I recommend getting the free 42-page guide entitled “6 Steps On How Natural Thyroid Treatments Can Restore Your Health”.  You can obtain your free copy simply by filling out your name and email address on the right side of this page.  And just to let you know, this guide contains 100% pure content, and is not a “sales report”, or a pitch for any product or service.  You’ll also receive emails on natural thyroid health (typically once or twice a week), and will also receive updates on any free webinars I offer in the future.


Here are some of my patients with thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions who have benefited from following a natural treatment protocol.

I was concerned about an ongoing “mental fog” and forgetfulness I had – which is one of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s. I was having trouble losing weight and also felt very low in energy. Since following Dr. Osansky’s recommendations I have found that I have a greater sense of calm – something I didn’t expect from the treatment and changes in diet and lifestyle. In addition to getting my Hashimoto’s under control, I have enjoyed other health benefits as well. I no longer suffer from anemia, my Vitamin D levels are normal and my immune system is strong. My thyroid blood tests also improved. Although it’s a commitment and initial expense, it is completely worth it in the long run. Given the alternative (taking thyroid medication for the rest of your life), in my opinion it’s a no brainer. If you give a natural treatment protocol a fair chance you’d be surprised at how much more empowered you’ll feel about your illness and treating it. A natural treatment protocol is an effective solution that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health. Traditional methods do the exact opposite.

Marie DeSimmone
Howard Beach, NY

When I first began the natural treatment plan for my autoimmune hypothyroid condition my top five symptoms were chest pain (diagnosed with costochondritis), fatigue, memory loss, stomach upset, and muscle weakness. No matter how much rest I got, I was still tired. Additionally I did not sleep well either. Originally, I didn’t feel much different. I believe the reason for that to be because I was only taking a portion of the recommended natural supplements, as well as the fact that I had only changed some of my diet. When I really got serious about making changes is when I began to really see improvements. Although this does require a change in lifestyle, I feel much better today. The natural treatment protocol allowed me to delve deeper into the root of the problem and address it so that I will hopefully not need to be on these supplements for the rest of my life. I have already cut back on some of my supplements since my last blood work results.

Adah Thompson
Rossville, GA
Veterinary Assistant

I was struggling with such symptoms of hypothyroidism such as fatigue, digestive and sleep issues, slight weight gain, sensitivity to heat and cold, depression, muscle weakness and hair loss. I have noticed positive changes in my mood; I have also become much less sensitive to cold. I am sleeping better as well. I am on a gluten free diet as well and I must say I feel better than ever. I am not fatigued or easily tired anymore; no digestive issues or hair loss. Actually, I am symptom free now :) So thanks again for your help! TSH/T3/T4 have all improved. Also red blood cell count /vitamin D/DHEA/ improved. No zinc and copper deficiency anymore. Yes, it’s much easier to take a drug…but if you are looking for a cure, give a natural treatment protocol (and your internal system!) a fair chance.

Larisa Chumak
Haacht, Belgium
Office Worker

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